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To all my loyal readers—please stay tuned as I will be updating this publication. For those who are new, please enjoy this 1920s saga. Always inspired, Eleanor


Looks can be Deceiving

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Peaceful activities can be very deceptive. Especially when it seems too quiet, as it has lately around the streets of Chicago. There is a growing unrest that cannot be denied. As prohibition advances through the decade, it inspires tremendous growth in the very vice it aims to eliminate. Good intentions can have unexpected consequences. They can even backfire. So it is with great concern that The Chicagoan is on the lookout.

Observant citizens can’t help but notice that the city is growing very quickly. Unlike in a small town, new faces don’t stand out very much; they are expected. But there is some strange behavior that is starting to get noticed. Men in expensive suits are gathering in small groups on street corners, standing too close together, whispering, and glancing about. What is of particular concern to this publication is that many of these frequent but short meetings are happening just outside The Chicagoan office. Granted there is a popular shoeshine stand positioned at the corner of the building, but informants coming in and out of the office with scoops seem to feel a bit intimidated by the well dressed men standing about.

Business is business and everyone understands that. Each has a unique way of conducting it and Chicago has proven itself as quite tolerant. However, there is a difference between tolerance and denial, between naïveté and skepticism, between seeing the good in people and being prepared for the worst.

shoe shine stand activity

Shoeshine stand is strategically placed so any action can be seen up and down Center Street. Mister Moorlord keeps his shoes in top condition while he stays current with published opinions. Mister Cascone happily gives these well-known shoes their continual perfect patina.

It is particularly notable that Mister Shepham Moorlord always has the shiniest shoes. If anyone has important business to discuss with Mister Moorlord and has the guts to interrupt his reading of The Chicagoan (and less reputable newspapers sprouting up in town), he can be found frequenting this particular location. Served by Mister Vinny Cascone, it is a good idea to make friends with this more quiet and unassuming fellow first. Mister Cascone has been around town all his life observing and making smart associations, but not astute enough to elevate his profession from shoe shine to dreams of influence. Perhaps, though, much like a barber, he is in a great position to gather and pass on information, thus making his home life a bit more comfortable than the meager salary from his modest enterprise might allow. Maybe the tips are particularly good for a man with his experience.


Mister Carrollo is barely communicative, Mister Colosimo sees more than he tells, and Mister Tony is seen everywhere.

Several of the newcomers of mysterious business must go unnamed because they won’t respond when questioned by reporters. Only Mister Carlo Carrollo was polite enough to offer a minimum of introduction. Most of these men don’t use too many words. And the words they do use are spoken so low and quietly, it is hard to hear them. They will not repeat themselves either. In fact, they ignore everyone who is not of their own kind—except for their gracious lady companions who dress as nicely as they do. Leading the group of fashionable “businessmen” is Mister BigJim Colosimo who likes to observe more than be watched.

Mister Fat Tony is also a known name about town, though he is as tight-lipped as his colleagues. Hopefully the good citizens of Chicago will not let these “businessmen” (who lurk outside the Chicagoan office) deter them from doing their civic duty by dropping in with tips to enrich this publication with different views and understandings.

(Photos by Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord)

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Historical notes:

The romance and the glamour of gangsters in the 1920’s has given Chicago its continuing international reputation. The drama and intrigue are played up; the sordid and evil are swept under the rug. The SIM is realistic in its gathering of fashionable and questionable characters. It portrays the gradual decline of legal power as the decade progresses. By 1929, the year of the infamous massacre, morals in the city had degenerated to the point of alarming the average citizen. Ringing the downtown business district, private speakeasies and brothels were almost beyond counting. While bootlegging flourished and businesses profited, the influx of questionable characters also increased, seeing a marked rise in the crime rates.

At the end of the decade, several developments occurred that concluded the culture of the Roaring 20’s—as if someone threw a switch. First the St. Valentine’s Day massacre stirred the attention of tax payers who demanded that something be done. Secondly, the stock market crashed that fall, plunging the entire country into depression and transformed gangsters into heros. But not yet. The SIM still stirs with those last days of the decade—days of more unsavories joining the population and more women seeking some of the world’s oldest professions. Organized crime is inspired by prohibition to develop a powerful black market; the structure continues today in the SIM as well as in the real life city. The black market grew from alcohol to arms to prostitution and to countless “reputable” front businesses. It spread its tentacles into every level of society. This assembly of mysterious “businessmen,” secretly led by warring puppet-masters is replayed on these streets. Citizens beware.

Love is in the Air

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Although citizens were not happy when Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord and Mister Shepham Moorlord—leading Chicago citizens—eloped last year, these leaders finality made up for it. Crictics speculated that the wealthiest guy in town did not want to spend the money on a fancy wedding, thus depriving residents of what they love the most: a spectacle. But second to that, everyone loves a great party, and that is what the one-year anniversary celebration provided. Finally. It took a year. But dancers and music lovers alike were pleased to celebrate the one year anniversary of Misses and Mister Moorlor’s secret nuptials. Better late than never.

Fiume anniversary party

Anniversary party at the Fiume Jazz Lounge has a huge turnout.

All the other leading citizens of Chicago had to be there. This was one of those mandatory events that if missed, will harm reputations and careers. Astute business owners—especially the undercover ones—were wise to pay their respects to those that direct all development in the city.

citizens celebrate

Residents from every social strata in the city celebrate the anniversary of Misses and Mister Moorlord, entertained first by Miss Una Woodrunner's selection of vintage tunes and then Mister Harry Frychester's quite original performance of classics—most of which are dedicated to the romantic couple paying for the party.

Such leaders as the Moorlords do set trends. Just recently, readers may recall, that Mayor KJ Kiranov eloped with the glamorous and ladylike Miss Xyza Armistice. This kind of behavior can set trends that can put catering companies and dance halls out of business. And it deprives friends, relatives, and nosey neighbors of a fun event.

Yet private marriages, while kind to the pocketbook, are also simple. Large marriages can be stressful for working professionals. So it should come as no surprise to readers that Miss Eleanor Medier betrothed Doctor Heavy Writer last weekend—with their dog and twelve of their horses as witnesses.

Medier marries Writer

The city's latest elopement, of Miss Medier and Doctor Writer, is of surprise to no one.

Private weddings can still be quite romantic if settings are carefully chosen. The more casual, with some spontaneity for spice, the better. However, this is not to say that large marriages and more formal events should not be embarked upon! There are many couples that wish to share their love with others in what then become memorable celebrations. Marriage is, after all, a type of passage—a change from thinking individually to thinking collectively.

Quixote marries Graves

The large wedding of Misses Quixote to Mister Graves is the event of the season.

Pressure is also taken off those who sneak off to get married when there are those who choose to be more generous in sharing their good fortune. Last weekend also celebrated the elegant and sumptuous wedding of Miss Paradise Quixote to Mister Mikk Graves. Misses Graves is very popular in Chicago as a favorite helper. She serves on juries, works in the bank, and dances at the Boom Boom on weekends. Mister Graves, on the other hand, is less known. He seems to be a businessman who keeps his affairs close to, or inside, his vest. Because of Miss Quixote’s large circle of friends, their wedding was the event to end the summer on a high note and satisfied the social needs of everyone there.

Chicagoans celebrate such nuptial unions as good for the city. Watching the romantic escapades of those in power is one of the population’s favorite topics for conversation. And so many romantic celebrations at once do take attention away from activities that sometimes best remain in the dark. Setting all other more serious cares aside, residents clink their collective champagne glasses, and drink to the happiness of those writing the headlines.

Chicago Boasts Bombshell Leadership

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Often eclipsed by the more visible nightclubs and speakeasies in Chicago, the cultural side of enterprise is certainly grabbing a toe-hold. Strolling in the fog from the mills along the river, evading the winds that come from the west (bringing odiferous nasties from the stock yards), and dodging the rail road tracks that crisscross downtown like veins, the aesthetic achievement might seem quiet by comparison, yet is flowering. Citizens don’t hear enough about Chicago’s achievements in architecture, literature, painting—or certainly in film!

Chicago filmmakers are pioneering moving pictures. With stars like Charlie Chaplin and Gloria Swanson, films created here are shown internationally. So it is no surprise that Chicago should be a mecca for the ambitious and the up-and-comers. The more beautiful the better. The more innocent, the more fun to taunt. The more talented, the better the chances of reaching the silver screen. The more connected, the wealthier, with or without talent.

Even The Chicagoan‘s own Miss Eleanor Medier came naively to the city. She has experienced her own form of initiation as a young innocent arriving from the country. Now established as a journalistic professional, she has sympathy for those just starting out. Recalling so many who bring talent and glamour to these pages, the transformation from newbie to sophisticate is always entertaining. It doesn’t hurt either to offer a helping hand.

Film studios, popping up around the permitter of the Loop, boast quite a few new stars. Essanay leads the pack of film companies, helping the community produce more movies now than Hollywood—who is trying to seduce talent away from the cold weather! Let them try!!!

In the meantime, new talent is flowing into the city and deserves to be kept busy. Audiences are flocking to the movie theaters even faster than to the live performance venues. Starting out is a challenge for the best actors and actresses; the film industry is especially glamorous. And fashion always flourishes with competition!

Newcomer and up-and-coming starlet Miss Hannah Heir exemplifies the new faces appearing in the city, with stars in their eyes and adventures on their horizons. She has hopes to be a great star one day and dazzle her friends back home in East Haven Louisiana. It is true that anything can happen here. Those that best combine talent, beauty, politics, and opportunity are the ones that will make the most headlines. Can’t help that. News is news. But with crime down for a short time on the city streets, beautiful young creatures like Miss Heir are appearing, as more feature films are shot here.

Hannah Heir

Miss Heir graces the city streets with glamour. She looks remarkably like Miss Jean Harlow who is seducing producers around the Los Angeles area after leaving Chicago—thus missing out on the opportunities here, poor thing. Competing for status as having the most beautiful blond bombshells, Chicago is willing to step up!!! Photos are generously contributed from Miss Heir.

Also, as the film industry continues to resist the pull of California, much talent is drawn from locally established performers. Miss Stormy Pixelmaid, as the city’s most popular comedian, can make the transition to moving pictures easily. Performing regularly at Miss Bea Shamrock‘s Chop Shop. Miss Pixelmaid’s material is vaudeville-style and hilariously funny!! Not to be missed!

Stormy Pixelmaid and Sylvan Shilling

Miss Pixelmaid is a consummate performer who will make headlines in the movies, no doubt. She is always seen at the hottest places in town with her dear friend and companion, Sylvan Shilling.

Although Miss Shamrock declined to be interviewed for this article, as one of the best hostesses this city can offer, it isn’t fair not to show some of her wonderful outfits. Whenever there is a contest for best dressed, she wins! No one in Chicago looks more appropriate for every ocassion than she does!

Miss Bea Shamrock

Miss Shamrock, always perfectly dressed, appears at every important occasion and is one of the hardest working women in Chicago. Plus she excels at dancing.

Miss Shamrock is the consummate hostess at the Chop Shop that supports new and seasoned talent in the city, along with the best tunes making hits on the radio.

As The Chicagoan loves to discover and promote talent, hopefully the audiences in this Greatest American City will further enjoy the performances of the new and the seasoned alike, keeping the leadership as Movie Capital of the World.

For information on upcoming activities please see

Historical notes:

The old Essanay Studios building can still be seen on Argyle Street in Chicago’s north side, as part of St. Augustine College. Because Thomas Edison demonstrated moving pictures at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, interest of producing films sprouted the industry. But the city lost then to Hollywood due to politics (what a surprise!), money (bigger surprise!), and freedom (always an artistic quest).

Jazz and Pizzazz

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Perhaps Chicago is a place of extremes. A city that inspires the most notorious crime is also the city that celebrates with the most exuberance. A city that creates barons of industry is also the city that defines cultural relevance. Attracting such a melting pot of citizens from all over the world is destined to define American values. Chicagoans are not shy about expressing opinions and preferences. Citizens undoubtedly represent the honest opinions of most people, just voiced a bit louder.

When a new club opens, there have to be patrons from every social strata. This is what makes Chicago so colorful—the accessibility and fluidity of social groups. Anyone who’s reputation needs to be improved can do so simply by shopping on Michigan Avenue, presenting an attractive silhouette, and showing up at the right places. An opening is the best place to make a personal statement and to interact with the rich, famous, and infamous.

celebrating new jazz club

The new jazz club was just filling up with regular and new residents when Miss Olinger (who doesn't like to be called Officer when off-duty) and Miss Zarco made their entrance, dancing. Mister Seranno took his usual stance on the side of the room that would make others the most nervous. But Mister Moorlord (who no longer wants to be called Chief when off-duty) and Misses Huntress Moorlord seem to easily ignore his presence. Fortunately for the other less oblivious partiers, Miss Olinger joined Miss Medier at the side table and Miss Zarco took charge of Mister Seranno, captivating everyone in the place.

The arts always flourish on a rich soil fertilized by social variety. With the opening of Jazz Alley, an impressive display of patrons set aside all other obligations and were determined to be seen—representing every strata of society. From the wealthiest guy in town, Mister Shepham Moorlord with his starlet wife Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord, to socialite and mischief-maker Miss Wilamenia Zarco, to the most loyal of all attendees Miss Stormy Pixelmaid and Miss Bea Shamrock, these ever-popular partiers were joined by the not so popular and usually stiff Mister BigJim Seranno and not too vigilant but always gorgeous Officer Chandler Olinger. Those two, of course, ignored each other totally.

But Miss Zarco is never to be ignored. Center-stage or center-party are her only comfortable positions. Not wishing to share the limelight with anyone, she demonstrated a little drama when reacting to the new movie-star young and vulnerable Miss Hannah Heir. Put two attention-grabbing women together and there is bound to be trouble. Most of the patrons politely ignored the drama between the two women, though they were completely impressed when Miss Zarco convinced the suspected-nondancer Mister Seranno onto the floor! No one present has ever seen him dance before. No one present thought the guy even capable of moving his feet very often.

Wila captivates BigJim

Miss Zarco never walks into a room; she dances, making an always memorable entrance. Flaunting her exceptional fashion style as well as her social influence, Miss Zarco has evolved from the fun young girl who arrived from the east coast into a lady of significant connections. She is the perfect example of how to get ahead in a city like Chicago: look great, captivate through humor and charm, get adopted by the right families, and make the most influential friends. Miss Zarco knows how to take advantage of opportunity. At least all of her friends hope so. Because if she doesn't know, who does?

Smart citizens tend to avoid Mister Seranno because trouble follows him like a shadow that never catches up. He is suspected of everything but no evidence ever is conclusive to reveal active involvement. Generally he hovers in the back ground, chuckling, puffing on his cigar, and piercing anyone near with his steely blue eyes. Yet somehow, while twirling Miss Zarco around the floor, the spellbound observers might, just maybe, have caught a glimpse of a softer side. It has been reported that one particularly observant patron saw him crack a smile—just for an instant—but swears it was there!! But Miss Zarco has that effect on people. Why should such a crusty guy like Mister Seranno be immune from her charms? And the increasingly larger diamonds appearing on Miss Zarco’s fingers, wrists, and around her neck would indicate that her relationship with Mister Seranno is prospering.

Within the show of such famous characters enacting out their preferences publicly, the new owners Mister Jhonny Dawlish and Miss Alinore Somerset blushed with pleasure at the attendance. Chicago has the reputation of being both the most dangerous and the friendliest of all big cities (again such a place of extremes!), so this entrepreneurial pair has bet their life-savings on this location. Charming and hidden, the new club will be well-known once those who missed the opening hear about its fantastic support of local performers. Formalizing the new musical jazz form into a club legitimizes many an aspiring performer. Soon the club will be commanding the best and the brightest, increasing the variety of great venues thriving here.

fashions show off women attendess

The women of Chicago definitely make up for in fashion what the men lack. So fun to be recognized at this cultural event, showing off the best dresses for a speakeasy evening ignites competition anyway. Miss Shamrock is always perfectly attired for any event, Miss Pixelmaid always dresses for fun, Miss Brooke fits right into styles of her new home, Miss Heir expands her starlet reputation, Miss SageWoman Juneberry always looks comfortable and cool.

It pays to know how to make the right friends in Chicago. The crowd attending and watching we so spellbound by the spectacle of Mister Seranno dancing in the center of the dance floor (versus glowering in the corner making people nervous as usual) that no one was surprised when they won the $1,000L prize for Best Couple. How could anyone possibly vote otherwise—assuming there was a vote? Even Mister Seranno seemed quite pleased with himself when he chuckled in acceptance of the award: “see what a little arm candy will do” and later “amazing what a tall blond does for an old guy.” Miss Zarco responded by batting her eyelashes.

generous new hosts

Mister Dawlish seems to be friends with Mister Seranno, especially because while dancing with partner Miss Somerset, he seemed to have a good time despite being watched. Then, while awarding their new influential patrons, Mister Dawlish and Miss Somerset gained many new friends. They are sure to be successful with their new speakeasy jazz club through their great taste in music, fantastic host and hostessing skills, great charm, and generosity. Chicago is delighted to welcome such upstanding and considerate new entrepreneurs.

The Best Dressed Award went to Miss Shamrock. Though gold seemed to be the preferred color of the evening, or black for those ladies who wish not to be noticed, Miss Shamrock dazzled in her silver and white ensemble. Annoying to those less well-dressed and with smaller budgets, it always seems that Miss Shamrock is the best dressed at every event.

In all fairness and because there were no single males to collect the Best Dressed Man award (no surprise considering how men in Chicago tend to dress), two honorable mentions were created to honor newcomers Miss Diana Brooke and Miss Heir for $250L each. And through greater generosity, Miss Somerset declared that because of her love for fringe dresses, she honored this writer with acknowledgment of $100L. Such actions are sure to make Mister Dawlish and Miss Somerset very popular in Chicago. They have not only opened the hottest new club in town, they have ingratiated themselves with their neighbors in a very charming and approval-gathering way. And they are very nice people. Chicago always welcomes new residents that are so appealing.

Finally, Miss Pixelmaid, the consummate event-attender, summed up the opening of the new jazz club the best through a single word: “swanky.”

Dreams Shared by Everyone

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Perhaps the luckiest people are those who fulfill their dreams—especially the American Dream of rags to riches, incorporating financial, emotional, and physical excellence. With such a pot at the end of the rainbow, how many actually get there? In the most American City, Chicagoans are hard workers and known for discovering and creating opportunity. Follow the money. The wealthiest guy owns most of downtown and most residents rent from him. If anyone can fulfill dreams, it should be Mister Shepham Moorlord.

Having planned the three-day city Birthday celebration, wrapping up the third day also expressed Mister Moorlord’s dreams. First, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous wife like Misses Starla Shepham Moorlord? As host and hostess of the weekend’s activities, they fulfilled their own dreams by enjoying Chicago’s best in everything—music, fashion, art, friendship, and ambiance. To also be the best in food and theater furthers Chicago’s international acclaim. Sunday rounded out the city’s leadership in every ingredient of a perfect lifestyle. The last day of the celebration included:

Theater Premier

With the rise of theater in Chicago and internationally, the city boasts a movie palace on par with any place. Mister Moorlord, who of course owns the theater, took personal interest in every detail and has booked the best films to premier. bringing out the stars always guarantees a good time. With search lights and red carpets, the most culturally astute residents awaited the newest opening in their finery as large motor vehicles slid forward and deposited one celebrity after another. Mister Moorlord’s friends were unhand to assist spectators in optimum viewing positions.


Celebrities arrive in limosines at the red carpet: Miss marilyn Monroe, Mister Louis Armstrong, Miss Starla Huntress Moorlord, and Miss Paradise Quixote.

Cozy and plush, the eclectic crowd filled the lower floor and spilled into the upper balcony. One of chicago’s greatest charms is the social intermingling of many professions, ethnic groups, and economic classes. Audiences and patrons always bring a mix of viewpoints and tastes with shoulders rubbing not far from the politicians. But like any big city, the wealthy always have their entourage, and Mister Moorlord is no exception. Showing off his power, he commanded some of the most famous entertainers to jump on trains bound for Chicago. They have been welcomed as part of the continual stream of top acts that come through the city’s many clubs.

movie audience

Celebrities and citizens lean back in their plush seats to enjoy movie premier.

Culinary Convention

The culture in a city doesn’t run on dancing feet alone but on serving up the best cuisine. Even though Chicago is in the Midwest, the city is situated on one of the largest fresh bodies of water in the world. It is the country’s transportation hub uniting the Atlantic Ocean (via the St. Lawrence Seaway through the Great Lakes) to the Mississippi River. The bread basket of the country is also in the city’s back yard. So if anywhere in the world had great food, it better be Chicago! Boasting some of the best chefs internationally with ingredients to satisfy any preference, Colosimo’s Restaurant reigns premier. No surprise that Mister Moorlord owns the restaurant that is hostessed by his charming wife. Their hospitality and talent for throwing great events gave residents a great festival and renewed patriotism.

Colosimo's famous restaurant

Chef Mama Colosimo is world famous for her pasta, Mister Moorlord has his special corner as owner, and Misses Moorlord enjoys presiding as hostess.

What greater pleasure for after a matinee theater performance could be a great meal? Chef Mama Colosimo presides as one of the greatest Italian chefs in the world—including Italy where she visits often to exchange culinary concepts. Those wishing to enjoy fantastic pasta and to stay on the good side of Mister Moorlord are wise to make regular visits to Colosimo’s. He has his special table in the corner where he sits as if holding court. Accessible for such a wealthy guy, Mister Moorlord can always be found enjoying lasagna or chicken parmesan on a weekend night.

Patrons at restaurant

Patrons at Colosimo's Restaurant enjoy a fantastic meal: Miss Beth Bonham with Miss Amye1, Miss Reverie Boucher, Doctor Heavy Writer with Miss Eleanor Medier, and Mister Roch Warcliffe with Miss Una Woodrunner..

Futuristic Dreams

When Mister Moorlord was taking off his shoes at the end of Sunday night, he reflected on the weekend’s success. What could be better in life than to be 8 feet tall, wealthy enough to own most of one of the world’s greatest cities, be married to an entertainment star, and to command a celebration masterfully, providing enjoyment to the populace? So he went to sleep quite self-satisfied. Yet ambition is a very deep habit, so an aspiring man like Mister Moorlord is considered visionary because he always wants more—even in his dreams. So what could be even better?

dancers at dream concert

The dancers in Mister Moorlord's dream included many of his best friends: Miss Bea Shamrock, Miss Una Woodrunner, Mister Flo Wiefel-Benoir and Miss Caludie Benoir, and himself dancing with his wife as the fireworks explode in the background.

Off into sleep he went to have one of those vivid dream recreations that seem so real in every detail when recalled the next day. He dreamt that he booked an unknown group with a unique rock ‘n roll sound for the cool stage he constructed at the beach. He envisioned all his closest friends around him dancing to music—sounds that he discovered in his travels. Bringing these four creative musicians to Chicago would make him famous internationally—labeled as having sponsored music that would change the world. Because when a person already owns everything possible, the next step has to be getting into the history books. It takes more than money to do that; it takes achievement. And Mister Moorlord isn’t a scientist or an artist. He is a businessman and he prefers to keep his creative deal making out of the news. So how can he gain recognition better than putting a small percentage of his vast wealth into making art influential. More than anything, he wishes to be known as a visionary—to build a creative empire that provides a stage for others (albeit his own first) enjoyment. No one can say the richest guy in town doesn’t have his generous (strategic) side. Everyone is very grateful for the great weekend and for his sharing of this futuristic dream.

futuristic stage

The dream was about the launching of a new musical band called the Beatles.

The setting of Mister Moorlord’s dream was remarkably like the stage he built for the Miss Jive Dryke concert the night before. Just about anyone passionate about his or her work does, at one time or another, dream about about it. Because anything cared about or anything done a lot, or better yet both, seeps into the subconscious. What better place to mentally process activities than during the night when inhibitions give way to imagination? Some of Mister Moorlord’s best ideas have come from dreams!

concert audience

Audience in the dream also sits back to enjoy the concert. The subconscious likes music as much as the conscious.

In his dream, Mister Moorlord sits with his best friends in comfortable chairs, watching beautiful dancers (clad in just enough fabric to be legal), and listening to innovative new sounds coming from a band he patrons. For information on upcoming activities please see


The dream ends, as a worthy conclusion to the city's birthday party, with fireworks and dancing.

Cultivating Culture

July 29, 2011 - One Response

The city’s Birthday Celebration gained momentum after Friday night’s opening ball at the Hotel LaSalle. City planners have shown particular sensitivity towards a range of citizens in the festivities offered—not just for the wealthy or the bold. Saturday demonstrated the city’s greatest sophistication in the arts beginning with a fashion show (of course), continuing with an art exhibit (much appreciated), and ending with a concert (Chicagoans must always dance at the end of the day). Festivities should not only appeal to the regular residents but also attract new ones to be included in this great melting pot. It is through the intermingling of different nationalities and viewpoints that makes this city great.

The ladies greatly enjoy the opportunity to extent their fashion community. So on a beautiful afternoon ((when is it ever not a beautiful afternoon??!!)), a handsome stage with an even more handsome audience were assembled in the park around the newly constructed Buckingham Fountain.

audience assembles

Comfortable deck chairs are provided by Mister Moorlord to make all guests comfortable in a temporary setup (left to right): Miss Michal Static, Miss Lynnette Woolsey, Miss Foxie Mccaw, Miss Marsali Emmons, Miss Bea Shamrock, and Mister Percival Antiesse with Miss Dreamer Pixelmaid..

When Mister Shepham Moorlord, the richest guy in town, underwrote the new landmark, his popularity increased. Suffering criticism from the ladies for his strip-tease burlesque sponsorship (this family-friendly publication cares to stay out of the controversy), his latest entrepreneurial venture is definitely popular with the men. So his gesture to build a fountain that can serve as the center of fashion and presentation is a worthy gift to placate any vocal opposition about his management choices.

stage at beginning

Audience assembles and awaits the start of the fashion show with unusually patient anticipation—extra time is needed for everyone to wave and blow kisses at friends.

Some of the best shops in the world now have outlets in Chicago. All residents still in town, choosing other weekends for vacation, were there to see the latest styles and to sport their own good taste. Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord, always happy to take center stage because someone has to, worked with her husband on the planning of this elegant event. So naturally she was the perfect MC to keep the show moving along and expressing new trends.


Authentic 20's style outfits are shown for every occasion: Misses Moorlord is the hostess, Miss Cieleste Magic and Mister Kenshin Xevion both are ready for the beach in Cilian'gel beachwear, Miss Athene Forder first looks cute in a bathing suit of her design that represents the sky and waves, then she models her Zelda dress made from a sequined fabric, both outfits available at Goddess Apparel.

Few men in Chicago have very refined fashion tastes, but those that do are wise to choose suits that complement their lady companions’ dresses. So the couple’s selections were particularly appreciated by the men in the audience, most of whom need all the help they can get. As more of the shops address the needs of the masculine population, all hope that the men will eventually increase the overall visual aesthetics of the city.

fashion show

Couples show the best of taste (Miss Magic in Got Pandora and Mister Xevion wearing Got Chances from Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique), the finale also features special gowns (Miss Forder in her Monique in Molten Gold and Miss Una Woodrunner looking ravishing in Miss Forder's design Lady Gatsby in Sky Blue, both available at Goddess Apparel). There were outfits shown for every possible occasion!

After the inspiring and festive show, attendees gathered to look at paintings done by local artists Mister Simulat Almendros, Miss Bachi Cheng, and the Chicagoan‘s own Miss Eleanor Medier who has been drawing since she was a child. Private clusters of aesthetic discussions nibbled away the afternoon. Chicago is a growing center for keeping talented painters around for a few years, giving them a strong foundation to take their careers elsewhere, unfortunately.


The exhibit features portraits by Mister Simulat Almendros (left) and paintings by Miss Bachi Cheng.

Sponsorship to the arts in Chicago is limited to a small elite group because most citizens are new and not ready to increase their domestic collections. Nonetheless, the most talented in the city were happy to be unhand for the Birthday Celebration and in full approval of the new fountain.

Medier art

Drawings by Miss Eleanor Medier were also included in the show.

There was just enough time for everyone to run home and change for the evening festivities. With a concert on the North Avenue Beach (unfortunately the best beach downtown was covered up by Navy Pier at the end of the century) with the famous Miss Jive Dryke. Photographers enjoyed that many of the dancers up to their hips in water were too scantily dresses for publication, so careful editing requires the dancing photo to be small. Fortunately, the audience offered additional visual treats and many just sat in chairs, laying back, enjoying the twinkling sky, and fantastic covers and originals by one of the country’s rising stars. For information on upcoming activities please see

celebration concert

Miss Jive Dryke's music pleases everyone, which is usually impossible. Dancers are shown discreetly small, and Misses Moorlord shows what is acceptable in beachwear, not one to hold back on showing off her physical attributes.

Birthday Ball Demonstrates Sophistication of the City

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Although Chicago has a bad reputation for violence these days, albeit deservedly, people tend to focus on the negative. It is the duty of the city’s leaders to promote an even more deserved lighter side! While some citizens may be the best at creative criminal activity, they are also the best (and first) at throwing a great party. Any excuse will do. But where there is a special event, Chicagoans don’t hold back.

This past weekend was Chicago’s Birthday Party—celebrating the 100th anniversary of the city’s planning ((and the recent sim move to more efficient quarters)). The three-day celebration was launched on Friday night with a black tie ball at the classy and elegant LaSalle Hotel. This gala is the highlight so far of the summer! And if this extravaganza is any indication of what the weekend held for those needing diversion, a great time was surely had by all.

ball at the hotel

The elegant ball room of the Hotel LaSalle is the perfect backdrop for the parade of outfits displayed by famous, familiar, and foreign faces. DJ Bosco Rumsford spins some tunes on the Victrola.

To savor such social delicacies, fashion is always a visual treat. Nothing can be more colorful, gorgeous, glamorous, or visually satisfying than a display of gowns and expensive suits. Readers, always anxious to see what the wealthy and influential are wearing will love this report!

gorgeous gowns displayed

Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord sparkles in a cream colored satin gown while dancing with husband and richest guy in town Mister Shepham Moorlord, Miss Sybil Celestials, ravishing in red, is entranced by Mister Pierre Linette, looking elegant but a little subdued; Miss Wiliamenia Zarco standing out as always, is asked to dance by Mister Rooster Afterthought; Miss Be a Shamrock, always looking perfect, glows in an emerald gown and white fox furs.

The evening ends without incident, meaning that the opposing gangs in town approve of the Birthday Celebrations and are not, hopefully, going to mar this civilized behavior with any mischief to eclipse it in the news. After all, as the country’s Most American City, there is something here for everyone, not just those who abuse the city’s attractions, though their behavior offers the kind of gossip that unifies communities.

dancing couples

Dancing without a care are couples more focused on their partners versus the city's birthday. But that is forgivable with such fascinating characters rubbing shoulders or sharing dance moves. Miss Phoebe Pappentas twirls around with Mister Kristopher Walpole; Miss Wiliamenia Zarco is dazzling with Mister Rooster Afterthought; Miss Sparkling Saintlouis steps in sync with Mister Muzicole Undertone; and Misses Chyna Muggins waltzes with Mister Aligator

Celebrate Chicago!

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City visionaries Mister Shepham Moorlord and Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord honor this urban jewel of the midwest’s first planning 100 years ago.* By moving to a more stream-lined and organized location, residents can find new opportunities in employment and real estate. Events for the birthday/Grand Opening will last for three days—true Chicago style! Please join the festivities!

fireworksFriday: 22 June

Grand Opening • Kickoff Black Tie • The Hotel LaSalle
7-8PM DJ
8-9PM Dilah Halostar

fireworksSaturday: 23 June

Empire Burlesque Show

Fashion in the Park  • Fashion show
2-4PM • models invited—please contact Starla Huntress Moorlord

Empire Burlesque Show

After Party Celebration • Shep and Starla’s Pent House

fireworksSunday: 24 June

Concert in the Park

Godfather Movie Premiere

Beatles Tribute Concert

Fireworks • DJ and Dancing on the Beach

Michigan Avenue shopsSee the calendar at the sim’s website for any changes or additions:

*Back in 1830 the town graduated into an organized and planned city. Surveyor James Thompson laid out the town for the Canal Commissioners in preparation for the sale of lots to finance the proposed Illinois and Michigan Canal, finally completed in 1848. The grid that he designed is still the plan of downtown today, influencing the design of the Loop in SL.

The Wonders of Woodrunner

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In a very great city, there are always hard-working individuals that provide a backbone of talent, entertainment, and the enjoyment of finer things in life. The Chicagoan set out to find one person to exemplify all three. There is no other that better expresses Chicago’s appeal than Miss Una Woodrunner.

Beginning her Chicago career as a disc jockey (DJ), Miss Woodrunner owes much of her start to the culturally dynamic duo of Mister Shepham Moorlord and Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord. When Miss Woodrunner stepped off the train from New York (she will not reveal her reasons for leaving the other biggest U.S. city), she knew that she needed to discover the most powerful people. That requires ASKING the right people, so she sought out the owners of the classiest club in town: The Fiume. One afternoon, dressed impeccably, Miss Woodrunner visited the nightclub, tastefully an hour before opening. When Mister Moorlord first laid eyes on Miss Woodrunner, he knew that they could do business together. He was quick to introduce the stunning brunette to his wife, and fortunately for him, they became fast friends.

As readers know, Misses Moorlord had owned the hugely popular Colosimo’s Restaurant. With an insightful perception, she always sizes up every interesting newcomer to tap the best talent. With flair for entertainment, Misses Moorlord was thrilled to discover that Miss Woodrunner had performance experience. Colosimo’s was at its peak then, as this was prior to the tragic murder that signified the popular restaurant’s demise (or maybe it was because the owners went on to bigger and better things).

Long-time residents will recall the twinkly summer evenings spent first dining on Mama’s great cuisine while entertained by Miss Woodrunner’s eclectic recording collection. Walking off a full meal, no one can forget strolling through the park as the music wafted out from the restaurant’s windows. All admired the city’s unexpected beauty and its expected elegant entertainer! Although soft-spoken, Miss Woodrunner exudes confidence and composure. She lives to please her audiences and customers through a consistent dedication to her craft.

Una as DJ

Miss Woodrunner hostesses as a DJ at the best private speakeasies in the city: The Boom Boom Lounge and The Chop Shop.

While The Chicagoan searches to profile role models in Chicago, there are so many opportunities for courageous women that the fairer sex often dominates these pages. (Perhaps this should be a message to the guys to become more creative. Or maybe it is because there are less guys around since the Great War gobbled up so many.) The women of Chicago represent the best of hard-working professionals. Miss Woodrunner’s career is an exemplary example when creative thinking meets opportunity.

Una attends events

Miss Woodrunner is always seen at the hottest events in town from the St. Valentine's Day Ball to east side blues clubs, to St. Patrick's Day celebrations. She is always perfectly attired and tries to always be appropriate.

To settle in with a good salary as a DJ, Miss Woodrunner added more gigs such as the Chop Shop and, eventually, the most-popular Boom Boom Lounge. She continued her dance classes and practiced everyday, filling in as an understudy to advance her skills. Since a little girl, Miss Woodrunner has dreamed of being a dancer more than any other preoccupation. Her greatest joy comes from pleasing others with her talents. Uncommonly beautiful, she even defies many of the current fashions such as bobbed hair and flattened chests. More than half of Miss Woodrunner’s growing fans are male, and because her goal is to please, she knows how to use her beauty to provide. Miss Woodrunner is very respectful of fantasy and the freedom to pursue the imagination. She lets no grass grow under her stilettos while she is also one of the most dependable workers in town!!

Una performs at home

Even at home, Miss Woodrunner demonstrates the ultimate in glamour. Multi-talented, she entertains her more private guests with a special ambience.

When astute businessman Mister Moorlord opened The Empire Burlesque Theater to showcase his wife’s dancing (thus propelling her to stardom), he had his eyes on Miss Woodrunner as well. Through her husband’s recommendation, Misses Moorlord collaborated with Miss Woodrunner, finding that they both share a vision of building larger audiences.

Una dances

Miss Woodrunner demonstrates her flair for the dramatic by dancing at The Empire Burlesque.

On Saturday nights, growing crowds are enjoying the ever-changing and dazzling acts these two glamor girls create, alongside Miss Mercedes Faith. There, Miss Woodrunner is in her glory. Collecting admiring and delighted stares is like a shot of adrenalin to her—it provides a thrill for her that is unparalleled by other activities. She describes: “The burlesque combines my talents with my poetic [albeit erotic] expressions, love of costume, and development of drama. I enjoy sharing my fantasies with others, as I believe they have them too.”

Shep supervises

Mister Shepham Moorlord, dressed more casually than usual, supervises the staging of Miss Woodrunner's latest act.

Even though her performance star is on the rise, Miss Woodrunner has another side to her character that pulls her ambitions: her long-term goal of having a tea/flower shop. At heart, under all the finery and display, beyond the tantalizing and teasing, Miss Woodrunner values the finest things of life: beauty, friends, and quality time.

Un poses as candy

Miss Woodrunner looks appetizing while she poses at the beginning of her candy-dancing performance.

It is understood that many who move to Chicago want to forget their past and get a fresh new start. Though irresistibly mysterious, Miss Woodrunner’s silence about her history demonstrates her discretion. And her hardworking record in Chicago demonstrates her solid character. She deserves to be rewarded with the ultimate dream of her own shop, which landowner Mister Moorlord is more than happy to rent to her.

Una at her shop.

Miss Woodrunner's flower shop is the height of sophistication and elegant beauty, much as the lady herself. At the end of the day, Miss Woodrunner is a lady, albeit one that has lost her inhibitions

Miss Woodrunner enjoys a lifestyle of the deepest enjoyment. From afternoons on her terrace to evening performances, she never experiences a dull moment, and neither do Chicagoans who are grateful for her devotion and contibution to the city’s culture.

Una hostesses

Miss Woodrunner entertains her new good friend Miss Medier, who makes friends with all those whim she interviews.