Festive Fashion

Although drama sells papers, so does beauty. A favorite mentor said: “There is as much bad as there is good out there and it is up to each person which to focus upon.” It is time for this publication to pause from all the bullets flying, bodies on the floor, notes under the door, and disagreements about property ownership, to enjoy the finer things. It is time to celebrate not only the holidays, but the aesthetic achievements of this great city’s leaders. And who has achieved more than the quietly pervasive and ever-influential Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord?

office suit

Misses Huntress Moorlord begins her day at the SIM's office, sporting a Seremin Black Suitdress by Ivalde.

Chicago is blessed with many gorgeous and inspiring ladies, and Misses Moorlord is behind them all. Owning (with hubby BOI Chief Shepham Moorlord) some of the major establishments in Chicago—the Fiume, Colosimo’s restaurant, and the employement agency—she not only has her delicate fingers on the pulse but graceful bejeweled hands grasping the reins. Chief Moorlord has learned that his Misses’s wise and grounded advice is not to be ignored. Neither is her impeccable taste in fashion that graces every special occasion.

everyday As the consumate hostess and featured attendee, Misses Huntress Moorlord has the exact right outfit for any occasion: day dress worn at Colosimo’s Restaurant (from Cilian’gel 1920’s Boutique designed by Miss Cilia Sheperd), welcoming a new shop (from The Curious Seamstress designed by Miss Kembri Tomsen), and at the holiday party.

Having met her husband in on the West Coast while attending a ball of debutants, Misses Huntress Moorlord was immediately attracted to him, describing that he “was just a cop but somehow I knew he was different. I found his slow Midwest manor charming and cute. It was love at first sight and I was wearing such a lovely dress that night.” She then followed him to Chicago where they recently married. Although she is eternally 30 years old, she says she is “old enough to know better but young enough to still have fun.” She goes on to compliment her newly-adopted city when she shared: “I love it here and it has such pretty things.”


Misses Huntress Moorlord demonstrates how one dress can have many moods: flapper dress by Martina of the Donna Flora shop.

There is no event that Misses Huntress Moorlord doesn’t know about—after all, she is in charge of the city’s calendar. Following her lead is guarateed to result in socially acceptable behavior and decorum.


Dancing at the Fiume is a fashion ritual that Misses Huntress Moorlord has perfected to an art form, proving that to stand out against a black and red setting, gold is a great choice. This slinky sheath is GWD - 1920's Nina Evening Dress from The Curious Seamstress designed by Kembri Tomsen.

For any newcomer in Chicago, Misses Huntress Moorlord is one person to meet as soon as possible. Not only gracious and welcoming, no one exemplifies good manners or friendliness more than Chicago’s lady-behind-(or in front of)- the scenes.

romance Chief Moorlord, normally reserved and camera-shy, couldn’t resist the temptation to show off his good taste in a suit selected to compliment his wife’s stunning gown, designed by  Tatiana Starchild, Vesper Lynd Evening Dress, from Starchild Designs.

Dancing in their gorgeous apartment that floats over the city, no one is more romantic or dedicated not only to one another but to the benefit and growth of the city’s citizens.

many faces

The many faces and moods of leading lady, Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord.


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  1. Ele…you continue to amaze me with your talent as a reporter and editor. Your contribution to Chicago has been invaluable. Thank you so much 🙂

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