Birthday Ball Demonstrates Sophistication of the City

Although Chicago has a bad reputation for violence these days, albeit deservedly, people tend to focus on the negative. It is the duty of the city’s leaders to promote an even more deserved lighter side! While some citizens may be the best at creative criminal activity, they are also the best (and first) at throwing a great party. Any excuse will do. But where there is a special event, Chicagoans don’t hold back.

This past weekend was Chicago’s Birthday Party—celebrating the 100th anniversary of the city’s planning ((and the recent sim move to more efficient quarters)). The three-day celebration was launched on Friday night with a black tie ball at the classy and elegant LaSalle Hotel. This gala is the highlight so far of the summer! And if this extravaganza is any indication of what the weekend held for those needing diversion, a great time was surely had by all.

ball at the hotel

The elegant ball room of the Hotel LaSalle is the perfect backdrop for the parade of outfits displayed by famous, familiar, and foreign faces. DJ Bosco Rumsford spins some tunes on the Victrola.

To savor such social delicacies, fashion is always a visual treat. Nothing can be more colorful, gorgeous, glamorous, or visually satisfying than a display of gowns and expensive suits. Readers, always anxious to see what the wealthy and influential are wearing will love this report!

gorgeous gowns displayed

Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord sparkles in a cream colored satin gown while dancing with husband and richest guy in town Mister Shepham Moorlord, Miss Sybil Celestials, ravishing in red, is entranced by Mister Pierre Linette, looking elegant but a little subdued; Miss Wiliamenia Zarco standing out as always, is asked to dance by Mister Rooster Afterthought; Miss Be a Shamrock, always looking perfect, glows in an emerald gown and white fox furs.

The evening ends without incident, meaning that the opposing gangs in town approve of the Birthday Celebrations and are not, hopefully, going to mar this civilized behavior with any mischief to eclipse it in the news. After all, as the country’s Most American City, there is something here for everyone, not just those who abuse the city’s attractions, though their behavior offers the kind of gossip that unifies communities.

dancing couples

Dancing without a care are couples more focused on their partners versus the city's birthday. But that is forgivable with such fascinating characters rubbing shoulders or sharing dance moves. Miss Phoebe Pappentas twirls around with Mister Kristopher Walpole; Miss Wiliamenia Zarco is dazzling with Mister Rooster Afterthought; Miss Sparkling Saintlouis steps in sync with Mister Muzicole Undertone; and Misses Chyna Muggins waltzes with Mister Aligator


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