Chicago Boasts Bombshell Leadership

Often eclipsed by the more visible nightclubs and speakeasies in Chicago, the cultural side of enterprise is certainly grabbing a toe-hold. Strolling in the fog from the mills along the river, evading the winds that come from the west (bringing odiferous nasties from the stock yards), and dodging the rail road tracks that crisscross downtown like veins, the aesthetic achievement might seem quiet by comparison, yet is flowering. Citizens don’t hear enough about Chicago’s achievements in architecture, literature, painting—or certainly in film!

Chicago filmmakers are pioneering moving pictures. With stars like Charlie Chaplin and Gloria Swanson, films created here are shown internationally. So it is no surprise that Chicago should be a mecca for the ambitious and the up-and-comers. The more beautiful the better. The more innocent, the more fun to taunt. The more talented, the better the chances of reaching the silver screen. The more connected, the wealthier, with or without talent.

Even The Chicagoan‘s own Miss Eleanor Medier came naively to the city. She has experienced her own form of initiation as a young innocent arriving from the country. Now established as a journalistic professional, she has sympathy for those just starting out. Recalling so many who bring talent and glamour to these pages, the transformation from newbie to sophisticate is always entertaining. It doesn’t hurt either to offer a helping hand.

Film studios, popping up around the permitter of the Loop, boast quite a few new stars. Essanay leads the pack of film companies, helping the community produce more movies now than Hollywood—who is trying to seduce talent away from the cold weather! Let them try!!!

In the meantime, new talent is flowing into the city and deserves to be kept busy. Audiences are flocking to the movie theaters even faster than to the live performance venues. Starting out is a challenge for the best actors and actresses; the film industry is especially glamorous. And fashion always flourishes with competition!

Newcomer and up-and-coming starlet Miss Hannah Heir exemplifies the new faces appearing in the city, with stars in their eyes and adventures on their horizons. She has hopes to be a great star one day and dazzle her friends back home in East Haven Louisiana. It is true that anything can happen here. Those that best combine talent, beauty, politics, and opportunity are the ones that will make the most headlines. Can’t help that. News is news. But with crime down for a short time on the city streets, beautiful young creatures like Miss Heir are appearing, as more feature films are shot here.

Hannah Heir

Miss Heir graces the city streets with glamour. She looks remarkably like Miss Jean Harlow who is seducing producers around the Los Angeles area after leaving Chicago—thus missing out on the opportunities here, poor thing. Competing for status as having the most beautiful blond bombshells, Chicago is willing to step up!!! Photos are generously contributed from Miss Heir.

Also, as the film industry continues to resist the pull of California, much talent is drawn from locally established performers. Miss Stormy Pixelmaid, as the city’s most popular comedian, can make the transition to moving pictures easily. Performing regularly at Miss Bea Shamrock‘s Chop Shop. Miss Pixelmaid’s material is vaudeville-style and hilariously funny!! Not to be missed!

Stormy Pixelmaid and Sylvan Shilling

Miss Pixelmaid is a consummate performer who will make headlines in the movies, no doubt. She is always seen at the hottest places in town with her dear friend and companion, Sylvan Shilling.

Although Miss Shamrock declined to be interviewed for this article, as one of the best hostesses this city can offer, it isn’t fair not to show some of her wonderful outfits. Whenever there is a contest for best dressed, she wins! No one in Chicago looks more appropriate for every ocassion than she does!

Miss Bea Shamrock

Miss Shamrock, always perfectly dressed, appears at every important occasion and is one of the hardest working women in Chicago. Plus she excels at dancing.

Miss Shamrock is the consummate hostess at the Chop Shop that supports new and seasoned talent in the city, along with the best tunes making hits on the radio.

As The Chicagoan loves to discover and promote talent, hopefully the audiences in this Greatest American City will further enjoy the performances of the new and the seasoned alike, keeping the leadership as Movie Capital of the World.

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Historical notes:

The old Essanay Studios building can still be seen on Argyle Street in Chicago’s north side, as part of St. Augustine College. Because Thomas Edison demonstrated moving pictures at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, interest of producing films sprouted the industry. But the city lost then to Hollywood due to politics (what a surprise!), money (bigger surprise!), and freedom (always an artistic quest).


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