Chicago gave New York competition when The Chicagoan was launched in 1926 to rival The New Yorker. It focused on the cultural activities of the city including art, music, drama, and featured profiles of personalities and organizations.

The Second Life Chicagoan mirrors the real magazine that unfortunately ended in 1935. We will pattern our stories, as we pattern our sim, on the historical underpinnings. The flavor, intrigue, and character of the real life Chicago from the 1920s will play out on these pages.


Mirroring reality, the publication, the office, and the characters of the contributors are inspired by historical authenticity. Running a vibrant and relevant publication, the strategic approach to the editorials emphasize:

Balancing between a magazine and a newspaper. The real Chicagoan, like today’s New Yorker is poignantly political, culturally opinionated, and represents trends. It emphasizes cartoons where this pub will emphasize photographs. Though publications were black and white in the 20s, color is used here to increase reader enjoyment.

Emphasize informants. The journalists of the 20s had friends in the merchants, the police, the within the competing mobs. They did accept payoffs and occasional bribes depending on what they are. Journalists must do so strategically.

Underpinning of historical support. Although scoops and contributions are invited but will undergo scrutiny and editing before publishing.

Comments. Using the advantages of interactivity is what virtual reality is all about. Engaging with the readers and giving them a platform for expression will add spice and perspective to evolving Editions.

Journalistic independence. Sources are protected as scoops are encouraged. This is a very active city and eyes can’t be everywhere at once. Action can be fast, news breaking daily, and new people arriving often. Contributors will help to keep the publication vibrant.

Trades and support. Donations are accepted and advertising emphasized (in development now). Income will be used to develop the publication’s reach through promotion, equipment, and development.

Chicagoan cover

The Chicagoan cover designs showcased the best decco illustrators of the 20s.


For information, please IM
Eleanor Medier, inworld publisher
The Chicago Roaring 20s sim
visit the office at the corner of Willow and Center


2 Responses

  1. Eleanor, this newspaper is AWESOME! You are doing an EXCELLENT job and I’m sooooo glad that you and I talked that day about you doing the newspaper. I can’t wait for each edition to come out.

  2. Fantastic work, Ele. You have perfectly captured our community spirit (or lack thereof). I will be fervently awaiting all your future updates. I’m so glad that our city has a person of your journalistic integrity to report on the doings.

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