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Stay Tuned
July 24, 2012

To all my loyal readers—please stay tuned as I will be updating this publication. For those who are new, please enjoy this 1920s saga. Always inspired, Eleanor


Chicago Boasts Bombshell Leadership
September 13, 2011

Often eclipsed by the more visible nightclubs and speakeasies in Chicago, the cultural side of enterprise is certainly grabbing a toe-hold. Strolling in the fog from the mills along the river, evading the winds that come from the west (bringing odiferous nasties from the stock yards), and dodging the rail road tracks that crisscross downtown like veins, the aesthetic achievement might seem quiet by comparison, yet is flowering. Citizens don’t hear enough about Chicago’s achievements in architecture, literature, painting—or certainly in film!

Chicago filmmakers are pioneering moving pictures. With stars like Charlie Chaplin and Gloria Swanson, films created here are shown internationally. So it is no surprise that Chicago should be a mecca for the ambitious and the up-and-comers. The more beautiful the better. The more innocent, the more fun to taunt. The more talented, the better the chances of reaching the silver screen. The more connected, the wealthier, with or without talent.

Even The Chicagoan‘s own Miss Eleanor Medier came naively to the city. She has experienced her own form of initiation as a young innocent arriving from the country. Now established as a journalistic professional, she has sympathy for those just starting out. Recalling so many who bring talent and glamour to these pages, the transformation from newbie to sophisticate is always entertaining. It doesn’t hurt either to offer a helping hand.

Film studios, popping up around the permitter of the Loop, boast quite a few new stars. Essanay leads the pack of film companies, helping the community produce more movies now than Hollywood—who is trying to seduce talent away from the cold weather! Let them try!!!

In the meantime, new talent is flowing into the city and deserves to be kept busy. Audiences are flocking to the movie theaters even faster than to the live performance venues. Starting out is a challenge for the best actors and actresses; the film industry is especially glamorous. And fashion always flourishes with competition!

Newcomer and up-and-coming starlet Miss Hannah Heir exemplifies the new faces appearing in the city, with stars in their eyes and adventures on their horizons. She has hopes to be a great star one day and dazzle her friends back home in East Haven Louisiana. It is true that anything can happen here. Those that best combine talent, beauty, politics, and opportunity are the ones that will make the most headlines. Can’t help that. News is news. But with crime down for a short time on the city streets, beautiful young creatures like Miss Heir are appearing, as more feature films are shot here.

Hannah Heir

Miss Heir graces the city streets with glamour. She looks remarkably like Miss Jean Harlow who is seducing producers around the Los Angeles area after leaving Chicago—thus missing out on the opportunities here, poor thing. Competing for status as having the most beautiful blond bombshells, Chicago is willing to step up!!! Photos are generously contributed from Miss Heir.

Also, as the film industry continues to resist the pull of California, much talent is drawn from locally established performers. Miss Stormy Pixelmaid, as the city’s most popular comedian, can make the transition to moving pictures easily. Performing regularly at Miss Bea Shamrock‘s Chop Shop. Miss Pixelmaid’s material is vaudeville-style and hilariously funny!! Not to be missed!

Stormy Pixelmaid and Sylvan Shilling

Miss Pixelmaid is a consummate performer who will make headlines in the movies, no doubt. She is always seen at the hottest places in town with her dear friend and companion, Sylvan Shilling.

Although Miss Shamrock declined to be interviewed for this article, as one of the best hostesses this city can offer, it isn’t fair not to show some of her wonderful outfits. Whenever there is a contest for best dressed, she wins! No one in Chicago looks more appropriate for every ocassion than she does!

Miss Bea Shamrock

Miss Shamrock, always perfectly dressed, appears at every important occasion and is one of the hardest working women in Chicago. Plus she excels at dancing.

Miss Shamrock is the consummate hostess at the Chop Shop that supports new and seasoned talent in the city, along with the best tunes making hits on the radio.

As The Chicagoan loves to discover and promote talent, hopefully the audiences in this Greatest American City will further enjoy the performances of the new and the seasoned alike, keeping the leadership as Movie Capital of the World.

For information on upcoming activities please see

Historical notes:

The old Essanay Studios building can still be seen on Argyle Street in Chicago’s north side, as part of St. Augustine College. Because Thomas Edison demonstrated moving pictures at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, interest of producing films sprouted the industry. But the city lost then to Hollywood due to politics (what a surprise!), money (bigger surprise!), and freedom (always an artistic quest).

Birthday Ball Demonstrates Sophistication of the City
July 26, 2011

Although Chicago has a bad reputation for violence these days, albeit deservedly, people tend to focus on the negative. It is the duty of the city’s leaders to promote an even more deserved lighter side! While some citizens may be the best at creative criminal activity, they are also the best (and first) at throwing a great party. Any excuse will do. But where there is a special event, Chicagoans don’t hold back.

This past weekend was Chicago’s Birthday Party—celebrating the 100th anniversary of the city’s planning ((and the recent sim move to more efficient quarters)). The three-day celebration was launched on Friday night with a black tie ball at the classy and elegant LaSalle Hotel. This gala is the highlight so far of the summer! And if this extravaganza is any indication of what the weekend held for those needing diversion, a great time was surely had by all.

ball at the hotel

The elegant ball room of the Hotel LaSalle is the perfect backdrop for the parade of outfits displayed by famous, familiar, and foreign faces. DJ Bosco Rumsford spins some tunes on the Victrola.

To savor such social delicacies, fashion is always a visual treat. Nothing can be more colorful, gorgeous, glamorous, or visually satisfying than a display of gowns and expensive suits. Readers, always anxious to see what the wealthy and influential are wearing will love this report!

gorgeous gowns displayed

Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord sparkles in a cream colored satin gown while dancing with husband and richest guy in town Mister Shepham Moorlord, Miss Sybil Celestials, ravishing in red, is entranced by Mister Pierre Linette, looking elegant but a little subdued; Miss Wiliamenia Zarco standing out as always, is asked to dance by Mister Rooster Afterthought; Miss Be a Shamrock, always looking perfect, glows in an emerald gown and white fox furs.

The evening ends without incident, meaning that the opposing gangs in town approve of the Birthday Celebrations and are not, hopefully, going to mar this civilized behavior with any mischief to eclipse it in the news. After all, as the country’s Most American City, there is something here for everyone, not just those who abuse the city’s attractions, though their behavior offers the kind of gossip that unifies communities.

dancing couples

Dancing without a care are couples more focused on their partners versus the city's birthday. But that is forgivable with such fascinating characters rubbing shoulders or sharing dance moves. Miss Phoebe Pappentas twirls around with Mister Kristopher Walpole; Miss Wiliamenia Zarco is dazzling with Mister Rooster Afterthought; Miss Sparkling Saintlouis steps in sync with Mister Muzicole Undertone; and Misses Chyna Muggins waltzes with Mister Aligator

The Wonders of Woodrunner
July 11, 2011

In a very great city, there are always hard-working individuals that provide a backbone of talent, entertainment, and the enjoyment of finer things in life. The Chicagoan set out to find one person to exemplify all three. There is no other that better expresses Chicago’s appeal than Miss Una Woodrunner.

Beginning her Chicago career as a disc jockey (DJ), Miss Woodrunner owes much of her start to the culturally dynamic duo of Mister Shepham Moorlord and Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord. When Miss Woodrunner stepped off the train from New York (she will not reveal her reasons for leaving the other biggest U.S. city), she knew that she needed to discover the most powerful people. That requires ASKING the right people, so she sought out the owners of the classiest club in town: The Fiume. One afternoon, dressed impeccably, Miss Woodrunner visited the nightclub, tastefully an hour before opening. When Mister Moorlord first laid eyes on Miss Woodrunner, he knew that they could do business together. He was quick to introduce the stunning brunette to his wife, and fortunately for him, they became fast friends.

As readers know, Misses Moorlord had owned the hugely popular Colosimo’s Restaurant. With an insightful perception, she always sizes up every interesting newcomer to tap the best talent. With flair for entertainment, Misses Moorlord was thrilled to discover that Miss Woodrunner had performance experience. Colosimo’s was at its peak then, as this was prior to the tragic murder that signified the popular restaurant’s demise (or maybe it was because the owners went on to bigger and better things).

Long-time residents will recall the twinkly summer evenings spent first dining on Mama’s great cuisine while entertained by Miss Woodrunner’s eclectic recording collection. Walking off a full meal, no one can forget strolling through the park as the music wafted out from the restaurant’s windows. All admired the city’s unexpected beauty and its expected elegant entertainer! Although soft-spoken, Miss Woodrunner exudes confidence and composure. She lives to please her audiences and customers through a consistent dedication to her craft.

Una as DJ

Miss Woodrunner hostesses as a DJ at the best private speakeasies in the city: The Boom Boom Lounge and The Chop Shop.

While The Chicagoan searches to profile role models in Chicago, there are so many opportunities for courageous women that the fairer sex often dominates these pages. (Perhaps this should be a message to the guys to become more creative. Or maybe it is because there are less guys around since the Great War gobbled up so many.) The women of Chicago represent the best of hard-working professionals. Miss Woodrunner’s career is an exemplary example when creative thinking meets opportunity.

Una attends events

Miss Woodrunner is always seen at the hottest events in town from the St. Valentine's Day Ball to east side blues clubs, to St. Patrick's Day celebrations. She is always perfectly attired and tries to always be appropriate.

To settle in with a good salary as a DJ, Miss Woodrunner added more gigs such as the Chop Shop and, eventually, the most-popular Boom Boom Lounge. She continued her dance classes and practiced everyday, filling in as an understudy to advance her skills. Since a little girl, Miss Woodrunner has dreamed of being a dancer more than any other preoccupation. Her greatest joy comes from pleasing others with her talents. Uncommonly beautiful, she even defies many of the current fashions such as bobbed hair and flattened chests. More than half of Miss Woodrunner’s growing fans are male, and because her goal is to please, she knows how to use her beauty to provide. Miss Woodrunner is very respectful of fantasy and the freedom to pursue the imagination. She lets no grass grow under her stilettos while she is also one of the most dependable workers in town!!

Una performs at home

Even at home, Miss Woodrunner demonstrates the ultimate in glamour. Multi-talented, she entertains her more private guests with a special ambience.

When astute businessman Mister Moorlord opened The Empire Burlesque Theater to showcase his wife’s dancing (thus propelling her to stardom), he had his eyes on Miss Woodrunner as well. Through her husband’s recommendation, Misses Moorlord collaborated with Miss Woodrunner, finding that they both share a vision of building larger audiences.

Una dances

Miss Woodrunner demonstrates her flair for the dramatic by dancing at The Empire Burlesque.

On Saturday nights, growing crowds are enjoying the ever-changing and dazzling acts these two glamor girls create, alongside Miss Mercedes Faith. There, Miss Woodrunner is in her glory. Collecting admiring and delighted stares is like a shot of adrenalin to her—it provides a thrill for her that is unparalleled by other activities. She describes: “The burlesque combines my talents with my poetic [albeit erotic] expressions, love of costume, and development of drama. I enjoy sharing my fantasies with others, as I believe they have them too.”

Shep supervises

Mister Shepham Moorlord, dressed more casually than usual, supervises the staging of Miss Woodrunner's latest act.

Even though her performance star is on the rise, Miss Woodrunner has another side to her character that pulls her ambitions: her long-term goal of having a tea/flower shop. At heart, under all the finery and display, beyond the tantalizing and teasing, Miss Woodrunner values the finest things of life: beauty, friends, and quality time.

Un poses as candy

Miss Woodrunner looks appetizing while she poses at the beginning of her candy-dancing performance.

It is understood that many who move to Chicago want to forget their past and get a fresh new start. Though irresistibly mysterious, Miss Woodrunner’s silence about her history demonstrates her discretion. And her hardworking record in Chicago demonstrates her solid character. She deserves to be rewarded with the ultimate dream of her own shop, which landowner Mister Moorlord is more than happy to rent to her.

Una at her shop.

Miss Woodrunner's flower shop is the height of sophistication and elegant beauty, much as the lady herself. At the end of the day, Miss Woodrunner is a lady, albeit one that has lost her inhibitions

Miss Woodrunner enjoys a lifestyle of the deepest enjoyment. From afternoons on her terrace to evening performances, she never experiences a dull moment, and neither do Chicagoans who are grateful for her devotion and contibution to the city’s culture.

Una hostesses

Miss Woodrunner entertains her new good friend Miss Medier, who makes friends with all those whim she interviews.

Vella’s Vision
April 1, 2011

Peaceful on the surface, much is going on in Chicago behind closed doors. In The Chicagoan‘s dedication to highlight the city’s fashion leaders, Miss Tiffy Vella‘s influence cannot be denied. After all, when arriving on the bridge over the Chicago River, Miss Vella’s exquisite jewelry shop welcomes all visitors and residents to the Michigan Avenue shopping district. Eclectica, Miss Vella’s current passion, keeps her from attending events of late. But the best parade of Miss Vella’s designs are on the ladies drifting in and out of Chicago’s many entertainment establishments.

The balance between reality and virtual reality is well expressed by Miss Tiffy Vella’s SL lifestyle. Visiting her sky design studio, stepping on green disks floating in the air like mini-islands, fear of falling is far away from the care-free experience of jumping from one to the other. On the one hand, SL mirrors RL, but on the other, it offers a freedom to make seem real what cannot be—which can be both fun and liberating. All that limits SL is imagination, and a visit to Miss Vella’s private studio expresses the possible blended with the impossible.

Miss Vella's studio
The top level of Miss Vella’s estate comprises her private studio, she describes as “my thinking space. Much of the time my body will be here, but my eyes will be in Photoshop, texturing.”

A talented jewelry designer, Miss Vella has three Eclectica shops with her mainstore as a floating island (two others in Chicago Roaring 20s and Seraph City). Certainly not afraid of heights, it seems Miss Vella spends most of her time these days in the sky, which is why she is so rarely seen on the streets of Chicago. As a fashion icon, she exemplifies craftsmanship and choice. Placing her emphasis on accessories, she has developed a creative clientele who construct their own unique design statements.

In a rush to wear a fabulous outfit, few understand the flexibility and originality present in accessories. A plain dress, a nondescript combination, or an over-worn selection, can be not only revived, but transformed by attention-grabbing features such as jewelry, gloves, scarves, or shoes. Whether contrasting, blending, or complementing, those who don’t experiment with such colorful options are missing out on a look’s final polish. Faster and more fun than buying a new outfit (and running the risk of a friend or acquaintance showing up in the same thing), expressing individuality through accessories extends wardrobe self-expression. Accessories polish the outfit, place the finishing attention that separates trend from sophistication. As components, Miss Vella’s designs inspire individuality.

Miss Vella's shops
Miss Vella has expanded from one small location to a large mainstore with three auxiliary shops, and a playful sense of humor for one so elegant.

I love clothes and have always loved 20’s fashion,” she enthused. By keeping her base outfits simple, she builds upon them with accessories in unique combinations. “I wear this really plain black dress from Ingenue a lot. Its easy to alter the look with a few accessories.” Customers benefit greatly from Miss Vella’s advice, bringing a modular approach to fashion structure. In talking about RL 20’s fashion, she addressed several of the dominant styles, some of which can be tolerated by the SL environment and some not:

• Flat-chested trend. “I read that women wound cloth around their chests to flatten themselves. I don’t see very many women opting for the flat chested look here. And really, what would be the purpose of being ultra pedantic over authenticity? Yet with no standards, all of SL would turn into a homogenous mass.” It does seem that few women are willing to change avatars in a direction considered unflattering. Authenticity, however, is preserved at all other costs! To dress properly is a requirement in Chicago—a commitment made by every resident. That, of course, must happen within reason.

• Bobbed hairstyle and commitment to short hair. It must be remembered that not all women were flappers! Ladies tend to wear their hair in twists and buns—though hats were are popular! A broader perspective is needed in what is authentic as many ladies are fond of their long hair and don’t wish to be sheered like young girls.

• Drop waists. “These are quite hard to do in SL. The system skirt is perfect for the high waisted 30’s gowns.” Instead of fashion emphasizing the drop waist, the hem length of skirts are more significant. Showing knees is taboo, as skirts just migrated from showing no legs at all to just ankles, an evolution very easy to handle virtually.

• Shoes. Good ones are hard to find, all shoppers seem to agree, So Miss Vella has taken on the challenge. “Shoes from the 20’s ones are tricky; they had quite low heels. I personally find them a little unflattering.” So her design adaptation preserves the 20’s look but evolves it into a flattering style that women will want to wear. Heel height becomes an issue of style because sore feet aren’t a problem. Miss Vella confesses to climbing mountains in high heels. She doesn’t “want to tromp about like Daisy Duck feet.” Style is everything, accenting an experience.

• Jewelry. Searching for beautiful jewelry became such a chore that Miss Vella started developing her own ideas. Her signature amazing line of pearls opened her business: selections of every color and a variety in construction. “I make jewellery moddable so colours can be adjusted if you have a few building skills. I don’t think I started off thinking like that but perhaps gradually expanded my ambitions towards” designs that are customizable.

Miss Vella describes the growth of her successful three-year-old jewelry business: “I started out small and now feel more confident about what I’d like my whole ‘look’ to be like. I had a 15x15m platform in the sky as my first shop. Its still the same shop, but bigger now.” She built components that would become an integrated line of accessory products.

Miss Vella at home
When at home, Miss Vella spends most of her time using her living room like her office. She models “Hyde” by Sonatta Morales as she lounges on the couch, her favorite outfit.

Balancing her time between design and running a shop is a daily concern. “I make sure I do fun things too, like running around and shooting zombies when I need to. But it takes quite a few hours a day to really stay on top of all the tasks … not just the designing. I don’t rush them though. Sometimes its weeks between releases. Most time in designing is actually spent doing the work—putting the pieces together physically. I’ll go through phases…..thinking phases, building phases. Lots of it looks like ‘mucking about time’ for example, playing about with prims to get the right movement in a bunch of feathers. I use flexible prims. Testing time is me walking about seeing how everything looks from different angles, seeing what happens as the model changes position.” Her perfectionism shows in her innovative designs. Chicago benefits greatly from her quiet yet pervasive fashion influence.

Please visit Miss Vella’s site at

FLASH: From Sparks to Flames
March 23, 2011

If it is true that sex and romance sell publications, then this issue should fly off the shelves! Chicago gets steamier as spring starts thawing the icey edges of the winter-worn city! This week kicked up emotions and blood pressures as residents released pent-up winter frustrations. It is good for the city to relieve tension because too many people have been hidden quietly behind closed-doors lately which makes for some tame news days. This week made up for it with the most tantalizingly colorful developments ever!

For those residents who are under age, squeamish, or easily embarassed, this week’s activites may stretch comfort-zones. As a dedicated reader of the news in Chicago, get ready for the provocative! Three stories represent different sides of the emotional spectrum: “The Ultimate Fantasy,” “Romancing the Writer,” and “Swingingly Sweet.”

The Ultimate Fantasy

As the second largest city in the country, Chicago never takes second place in fashion, culture, entertainment, or drama. To be a great city means to offer something for everyone. Between the elegance of The Fiume, the warmth of The Boom Boom, and the casualness of Bea’s Chop Shop, it makes sense that Chicago needs a smokier and more seductive offering. So to the delight of all sensually-inclined residents, The Empire Burlesque, owned by Mister Shepham Moorlord, premiered Sunday night.

Featuring dancers Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord, Miss Una Woodrunner, and Miss Mercedes Faith, this carefully crafted and enticing show pleased the very well-behaved audience. Undoubtedly there will be more viewer participation in upcoming shows, as such sexually-rich performances are very popular. Tastefully hosted by ever-helpful Mister Dino Fyanucci, he served as a brief announcer (nothing against him personally, but avatars weren’t there to view him).

Patrons relax as the show is about to begin: Mister Clyde Haven with Miss Gwendolyn Jenvieve; Miss Bea Shamrock with Mister Jakob Faulds; Miss Debella Deceit; Mister Stevie Underby; and Miss Candy Cindy with Miss Lilone Dimitriaski.

With a comfortably crowded audience, every seat had a good view of the well-designed stage. With VIP tables in the front to plush red velvet lounging theater chairs arranged in interaction-inviting groups, the elegant theater envelopes the audience.

Wila considers

Before the show starts, Miss wilamenia Zarco contemplates: how she might dance on such a stage? But she soon gives way to those more costumed and practiced, her imagination inspired.

Magnificently staged, costumed, and narrated, the Empire Burlesque brilliantly presents the essence of seduction and fantasy. Pushing right up to the edge of appropriateness, patrons will appreciate the originality, descriptiveness, and banter. The three dancers fill a show as 30 might!! Everyone present admired the dexterity, inventiveness of moves, and choreography. As dancers shimmied through the audience, each guest could visually savor the gorgeous costumes and the beauties within them!

burlesque dance
The first show expressed a music box containing Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord as the deceptively-innocent ballarina, who is encouraged by Miss Una Woodrunner to exercize her imagination. Through seductive narrative, the dancers became lost in their interaction, movements, and descriptions.
Shepham Moorlord

Mister Shepham Moorlord, the richest businessman in town and owner of this new Empire Burlesque Theater not only has the best seat in the house, but acts as though the show was designed especially for him! Since his wife is one of the dancers, he could be right.

Surprisingly silent, the well-attended crowd must have been spell-bound by the sounds, sights, and sensations! Characteristically. Miss wilamenia Zarco had plenty to say—quips and observations almost as entertaining as what was happening onstage!

Taking viewers on a journey of personal exploration, it is possible that the men in the audience reacted a little differently than the women. When asked if they enjoyed the show the next day, the audience-women thought it was “great.” It is obvious how the men reacted, so they didn’t need to be asked.

Though normally a journalist will happily stick a hand into the flames of controversy for a good quotation; in this family-friendly publication, such daring is impossible. Quite frankly, Miss Eleanor Medier, the publisher of this writing, spends a lot of time in a variety of places, and she had never heard such creative concepts presented this way before. So, appropriately for the tone of this publication, to quote the narrative out of context would be unfair to its full impact and experience.

Mercedes Faith

Miss Mercedes Faith lights up the stage with showing how creative purple silk, or the lack thereof, can be.

Although as much colorful fashion was splendidly displayed by the ladies in the audience, all eyes were rivited to the beauties onstage. Even sometimes mingling with the crowd, the dancer’s tantalizing movements were only surpassed by their running dialogue with their fantasties! As each dancer progressed through shedding more and more fabric, discreetly Miss Medier took fewer and fewer pictures.

Starla dances

Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord could make the most resplendent peacock, and many of the ladies in the audience, blush with showing how to use the magnificent feathers in new ways.

General readerhip-friendly photographs, albeit artfully presented, can only capture one-half of the show, sorry readers. Having to be there for the rest, make sure to be over-age, fantasy-prone, and not exceedingly naive. Although Miss Medier is old enough, but with little experience in this genré, her date, Doctor Heavy Writer (story below), was more than happy to offer his help to edit these photographs in her dark room. With commitment to the publishing requirements, Miss Medier did think it best for her solo judgement to edit, though appreciative of Doctor Writer’s generous good nature.

Una's last dance

The finale is danced by Miss Una Woodrunner in respectful (or maybe not so respectful) tribute to St. Patrick's Day earlier this week.

Romancing the Writer

The city is still buzzing with questions about The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and the events that confused the press coverage of the full story. Certainly there are guilty perpetrators at large, make no mistake, but blamed innocence also deserve to be exhonerated.

On that fateful Sunday a few weeks ago, Miss Eleanor Medier (trusted journalist for this treasured The Chicagoan publication), had an intriguing encounter with a tall dark handsome stranger in town. It may be remembered that this fussy writer also regularly criticises the fashion sense and behavior of the men in Chicago (with very few exceptions, as covered by these pages). This is perhaps why she rarely dates. Such a sarcastic nature is usually avoided by the oppostie sex! So naturally she was caught off-guard on that day, and was quite disappointed when her Prince Charming disappeared. It seemed he was distracting her from covering the biggest story of the decade! But, alas, he is innocent of any connection to the tragedies on that day.

As a prominent doctor from New York, Doctor Heavy Writer had a meeting here with the newly formed American Medical Association, who began in Chicago twenty years ago. Sadly, Doctor Writer had chosen that fateful day to check out the city, his meeting scheduled for the next morning. He had driven from New York and was staying with friends who own a nearby farm.

Possibly interested in Chicago as a good place to open up a new practice, he wanted to get a feeling for what the city had to offer, being used to the large urban environments on the east coast. He had stopped in the Boom Boom for its lengendary blueberry juice, but found it empty on that Sunday afternoon—perhaps forgetting that this is a time of prohibition. So he was delighted when an attractive potential dance partner walked into the room, dressed just as casually as he was, though she had a camera in her hand. It seemed one of those moments of fate to him. Almost too good to be true—and he had to play it cool—he did get caught up in the dance.

After meeting Miss Medier, he began to drive back to his friend’s farm, when his Model T broke down on the way. Dismayed that he had to walk the last five miles and that his friend has no telephone (only about 1/3 of the households do), it took him all night to fix his car so he could make it to his meeting the next day at the AMA Headquarters downtown.

With business concluded, Doctor Writer drove home to New York, untangled his personal affairs, and packed his bags for Chicago. Puttering and sputtering across five states, he had frequent car trouble (his first purchase after establishing himself will be a new car) and found telephones very scarce. He had thought of contacting Miss Medier, but figured he would wait until he got settled. Once he arrived, he became so tied up with meeting the right people to set up a practice, he got swept away with preparations. When he did finally show up at Miss Medier’s office, she had already written nasty things about him for distracting her from the biggest story of the decade!

the dance

Miss Eleanor Medier and Doctor Heavy Writer enjoy dancing together, sharing an eclectic taste in music and venues.

Appologies accepted on both sides, they went dancing—what else? And hence they began to spend a lot of time together. Doctor Writer and Miss Medier seem to have much to talk about, sharing similar cultural interests and concerns. They also compare an optimism about the growth and potential in Chicago. Each committed professionally, citizen’s news and health care needs of should both be expertly serviced. New in town, Doctor Writer is pleased to get to know all the residents and to help with any mishaps that physically befall them in the daily drama of the Chicago streets.


Miss Medier and Doctor Writer enjoy many recreational features available in Northern Illinois.

Swingingly Sweet

After all the formality, drama, and romance of Chicago’s recent events or activities, there is no better way to release tensions and relax with friends than at Bea’s Chop Shop. Unwind to fun tunes by 20s greats and sway with the jazzy bluesy flavor, thus the romance of the era is enhanced.


More casual than the other clubs in Chicago, Bea's Chop Shop is a hidden speakeasy that enjoys patronage from every level of society. Since they are secretly enjoying themselves, it is best not to identify them in this caption.

Singles and couples alike enjoy this venue—though many alone may not stay that way. Chicago is a romantic place, the era spiced with new freedoms in fashion, behavior, and acceptibility. Speakeasys bring all these factors together, encapsulating the flavor of the corner hidden smoke-music-filled club. Bea’s Chop Shop, owned by Miss Bea Shamrock comes the closest to capturing the environment, experience, and even fantasy of the times.


Although burlesque was developed in the middle of the previous century, its risque form and carefree atmosphere fit in well with the Roaring 20s. Purposely created to satire popular norms, stretch acceptable conventions, and push what is appropriate, it was generally irreverent and bawdy. The amount of sexual innuendos and strip tease performances varied considerably. In Chicago, competition between theaters caused them to become less satirical and more sexual, creating voluptuously glamourous stars. The Jazz Age Chicago reports: “Performances by Chicago’s burlesque stars were among the bawdiest and most risque in the nation. By the 1920s, striptease acts involving partial or total nudity were standard fare at most of the city’s burlesque theaters.”

Celebrating Dedication
March 18, 2011

Prohibition doesn’t seem to inhibit Chicago entertainment style. Publicly, activities are lubricated by creative cocktails such as “Blueberry” Juice, “Snowballs,” and “Lemonade.” But privately, many households still boast of stockpiles stored in basements, personal stills in backrooms, and concealed flasks that get shared during events. Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago is a particular challenge to legality, as everyone knows how the Irish love to drink!!!

With steins of nonalcoholic “beer,” Mayor KJ Kiranov and Miss Xyza Armistice, the consummate hosts, made up for any lack of strong refreshments with outstanding decorations and music for the St. Patrick’s Day Relay for Life Benefit Ball. In fact, to focus more on contributing to the great cause for the American Cancer Association rather than on lack of lubrication, is a healthy and worthy shift of emphasis.

X & KJ dance

Elegant and humorous, hosts Mayor KJ Kiranov and Miss Xyza Armistice entertain a festive turnout

On  All are Irish on St. Patty’s Day, and with a unifying exuberance, the political squabbles between ethnic groups were set aside for a philanthropic spirit. Such a large percentage of new residents into Chicago do come from Ireland, so respectfully finding a great excuse for a fantastic party is politically astute. Thursday evening, the ball culminated in the costume contest, drawing a healthy crowd of creatively-clad residents. And, swept up in the spirit of celebration, the amount of green outfits displayed was quite impressiveI


Always a good idea to show the most fashionable ladies demonstrates why Chicago is one of the fashion capitals of the world: Miss Bea Shamrock, Miss Nuala Maracas, and Miss Arizona all show why green is such a popular color.

The Hotel LaSalle offers the most elegant of settings for the swirling couples and self-absorbed singles. Dancing was shared by all!! And the decorations, complete with rainbows and pots of gold, a waterfall also demonstrating nature’s best color combinations, and shamrocks everywhere, all cares were cast aside! Of course those present contributed generously to the worthy cause. Sadly, the suffering targeted seemed quite far removed from such a setting. Perhaps contributing to the less-fortunate inspired the partiers to enjoy themselves even more! As a psychological benefit for helping the less fortunate, riches of experience and environment are undoubtedly enjoyed with deeper appreciation and gratitude!

St Patricks dance

Gracing the center of the dance floor, winners Miss Udinetta Shilova and Mister Bartolo Breda were irresistible.

At the end of the evening, votes were taken and winners awarded. Not surprising, the winners for the best costumes were Miss Udinetta Shilova and Mister Bartolo Breda. From the moment they arrived, their charm and elegance were central.

unsung award winners

Dancers swirl in the elegant setting of lebrichons, shamrocks, and rainbows: Miss Una Woodrunner, Miss Sylvan Shilling with Miss Stormy Pixelmaid, and Mister Shepham Moorlord with Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord.

However, if there were an award for most humorous, it would have to go to Mayor Kiranov. An award for cutest could be shared by Miss Stormy Pixelmaid and Miss Sylvan Shilling. Sexiest would have to go to Mister Shepham Moorlord and Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord. And most romantic to Miss Xyza Armistice. Best dancer would undoubtedly be appreciated by Miss Una Woodrunner. The most purposely-focused winner would be The Chicagoan‘s own Miss Eleanor Medier, who, with professional commitment, shot these pictures as she danced to the side.

st patricks day

Miss Eleanor Medier enjoys some good moves while performing her duty as journalist.

Congratulations go to those who did win for costumes and will win when the treasure hunt is over this weekend. Apparently there are pots of gold hidden around the city. Yet before they are all discovered, The Chicagoan feels obligated to highlight those who made the event happen: and those who went to such trouble to be so entertaining!


Green is a fantastic anchor color for a party—in fact the color alone is a perfect reason to dance!


Prohibition, supposedly, was enforced only for public places—hence alcohol could not be commercially sold or purchased. Privately, citizens were allowed to have alcohol inside their homes, only. Hence, most households had stills in the basement and developed a personal inventory. Rather than inspire people to drink less, prohibition inspired them to drink more at home and more creatively when in public.

Police Profitability
February 27, 2011

It pays to be sharp. Police Chief Chandler Olinger proves this through her diligent service to the grateful citizens of Chicago. After all, no one is sharper! Readers who pay attention will notice that she is always the first on the scene of any action in the city. Throughout these pages, Chief Olinger is featured frequently because she is perhaps the most interesting and complex of all residents (more on that another time—but first some breaking news about her activities!).

Particularly fascinating is how Chief Olinger is always both appropriate and ahead of any trends—and inventing new ones too! Recently, she and Miss Eleanor Medier were working on an investigation after  discovering photos in their respective offices of a beautiful carpet about to be thrown in the river with a body wrapped inside. Concerned for the destruction of valuable property, the Chief zoomed into action! By using Chicago’s finest underwater equipment, she found the carpet at the bottom of the river. Miss Medier, who likes to follow Chief Olinger around (always looking for the next hot story lead), helped her to retrieve the carpet and to dry it out. The fabric was undamaged by its soaking, and both ladies were delighted that the carpet would fit in the Chief’s apartment perfectly!!

living room

Lost carpet fits perfectly in Chief Olinger's apartment. It was used to wrap a body in and tossed carelessly into the Chicago River by allegedly an unattractive (and poorly dressed) "Bubba" who obviously has no sense of taste.

Inspired, Chief Olinger started watching more closely for objects left around the city. She was both surprised and pleased to discover how extravagent and careless gangsters can be with their possessions!! It seems they spend lavishly and throw things out just as lavishly! As any dedicated civil servant, Chief Olinger’s meager salary (she really does deserve a raise for such hard work!), she can’t even dream of affording such luxuries! But now that she has found a new side-occupation to her otherwise focused service, she is happy to contribute these photos that may encourage other worthy citizens to keep their eyes open for the very valuable castoffs of the disreputable who don’t deserve such nice things in the first place!

coffee service

This solid silver coffee set was used to weigh down a body found in the pond up by the cemetary. It cleaned up nicely and now is of great use when Chief Olinger entertains.

It seems these rich gangsters have their priorities confused when showing such little regard for their treasures! But the good news is that the more appreciative refined taste of Chief Olinger does know how to enjoy the finer things in life! Often she is the one to investigate the properties they also carelessly vacate (they must think that by moving around a lot no one will be aware of their locations!). This proves they are as careless inside as outside!!

paintings found

Works of Art worth 1000's of Lindens, with portraits of the famous like Beethoven and or Latette, and masterworks by Degas and the famed Delacrois... these paintings were found sitting in a warehouse once used by the mob.

It is unfortunate these days that the number of gangsters in Chicago seem to outnumber the police. But hopefully this story will inspire some new recruits, as the fringe benefits in cleaning out abandoned properties can be most inspiring! If these wayward souls would invest as much attention in caring for their possessions as they do in losing them, Chief Chandler would find her job much less engaging!

harpsichord played

Chief Olinger enjoys playing her harpicord that was left in a gangsters apartment. Her musical skills have improved considerably!

In Chief Olinger’s typical and most generous way, she is happy to share tips with other appreciative citizens of Chicago for how to increase the aesthetics of their own residences. It indeed does pay to wander around, though it may be at the risk of some personal safety because not far behind the treasures may be the unsavory characters in the process of discarding—or perhaps losing, as they are not known for their intelligence or discipline. Wary of the gangsters that tend to prowl around the streets unpredictably, Chief Olinger does have an advantage as a representative of the law. Hopefully the disreputable are smart enough to stay out of her way. Or perhaps they are smarter than they appear, as these treasure may be “gifts” to those watching. This however, is doubtful, as strategy is not something the gangsters seem to understand. And, there is some effort evident in their attempts to hide some of the larger items.

found car

A classic Monarach DVG 500HS Roadster found abandoned in the pond by the cemetary by the mob (the Chief just happens to now drive the same kind of car.)

It is not suggested that average citizens explore the bottom of river or pond locations, but if there are clues that valuable items have been discarded, Chief Olinger is more than happy to be of assistance in recovery. She does take great objection, however, to the destruction of treasures! She can become quite depressed when items are damaged or abused by careless disregard. So she suggests that those who wish to abandon valuables at least leave them in good shape!

ming vase found

A priceless Ming vase was used to kill this fellow in front of the new Corner Market which by the way has a great stock of fresh veggies and meats of all kinds.

Chief Olinger was even more surprised to find that there must be holes in the pockets of the expensive suits worn by many gangsters. She has even found money laying around! Objects take space and maintenance, but money isn’t generally hard to keep track of! It is proof of poor management and grooming skills that the careless don’t even value their not-hard-earned cash.

money trail

The Chief looks at a trail of money on Halsted Street wondering if it was dropped by a careless crook during a robbery or spilled out of an overstuffed suitcase carried by a gangster.

Chief Olinger vows to continue her diligent search of Chicago’s streets and alleys to not only rescue lost or stolen valuables, but to keep the area safe and clean for residents. Being a police officer is a hard job with few rewards, but one benefit of living in Chicago is that what could otherwise be a thankless occupation has become a wealth-building one. Anyone interested in helping Officer Olinger in her diligence is invited to join her while patrolling. Sometimes it takes more than one person to save treasures in peril. It would be a terrible tragedy to lose these culture-building objects! And there are few residences in this city that couldn’t use some updating. And no one can deny that Chief Olinger is a more appropriate owner of these worthy treasures.

Giving Credit where Credit is Due
February 11, 2011

No description of fashion in Chicago can be complete without portraying the city’s emplary First Lady, Miss Xyza Armistice! If anyone would like to understand great taste and an even greater character, Miss Armistice is the epitomy of both. Unswerving dedication to the citizens, she exemplifies the best in the Midwest. And she is one of the reasons that Chicago has become internationally known as a cultural and fashion leader. Catching up with her to express both her exciting and luxuriant lifestyle, she graciously posed recently for The Chicagoan.

Xyza Armistice

Miss Armistice wears a suit from TaDIVA Couture Le Chique Du Paris CostumePB with Classic Pumps, BlackEclectica Pearl Mixables-Deco Redux (white)AD, and hair mia dark.

As the owner of The Chicago Employment Agency, newcomers meet one of the city’s greatest citizens right away upon arriving in town. Always willing to help employers find the right match, any intelligent immigrant will seek her advice. Other than the richest couple in town, Miss Amistice is the most renowned of all the local ladies. A true leader, she never ceases to inspire.

Miss Armistice poses

Posing at her office, Miss Armistice looks gorgeous in BDonna Flora * ODILE skirt brownPB , Classic Pumps, BlackEclectica Pearl Mixables-Deco Redux (white), A&A Princess Hair 3.

Always popular, Miss Armistice has a rich balance of professional and personal activities. Enjoying herself after work at the Boom Boom is a favorite preoccupation. Helping Mayor KJ Kiranov, her long-time companion, has also shown how there is a woman behind the most successful man! He owes much of his success to her good judgement.

Miss Armistice poses

Captured on film at the Boom Boom, Miss Armistice wears Anubis Style - RENATE Stiletto Moody Bare Greta (Gold Patent) v4.11 (sml) A&A Princess Hair 3.

Because the Fiume is so famous in Chicago, Miss Armistice particularly enjoys the great music and dancing. Here she helps to set the tone and personality of the city—showing the latest fashions and newest dance steps.

Miss Armistice at the Fiume

The Fiume has never looked better than when Miss Armistice wears Violator-The Enigma of Turandot-Blood- by Soraya Vaher REV3 *ByKay* Shoes ~ Quinty ~ *Cherry* and A&A Princess Hair 3.

When Miss Armistice first moved to Chicago, she and the then Doctor Kiranov hosted the first Miss Roaring 20s Beauty Pageant which endeared them to the residents. Very popular and well-attended, the audience was impressed with her professionalism and insight, bringing greater fame to this city. This event is still the talk of the town!

Miss Armistice at the Fiume

Understanding color is one of Miss Armistice's talents as she poses in ! Glitterati ! - Glamour - Sapphire B&G WOMAN SHOE SELENA - AZUL - T000, Eclectica Pearl Mixables-Deco Redux (white), W&Y HAIR New 37 Delete"TYPEA.

Many local ladies look to Mis Armistice for fashion advice—The Chicagoan‘s own Miss Eleanor Medier owes her best outfits to Miss Armistice’s guidance! Though quiet, gentle, and unassuming, her insights and generosity are become legendary. Now Miss Medier hesitates to make any decision without first checking with her good friend!

Miss Armistice at the Fiume

The 20s flapper style is exemplified in Miss Armistice's selection while wearing (AlaFolie) Miss Philipines version 1Alienbear's (Mimmi set (black)), A&A Tekesha Hair Tipped 1, boxed.

Miss Armistice began her highly successful career as a photographer in Hollywood—one of the first women professionals to bring such extensive talent to the profession. As the official photographer at MGM Studios for five years, she helped to build their prestige through capturing the biggest stars in Hollywood on film. This is perhaps why she brings such comfortable glamour to Chicago environments. She says “My work could be said to belong more to glamour photography than fashion but there is no doubt that American fashion is hugely influenced by the visual styles created in my photographs.”

Miss Armistice at home

Even at home, Miss Armistice shows grace and style while wearing AZUL- Isabella SapphirePB, Classic Pumps, BlackBalderdash-Jazz Funeral- OnTheRocks - SetW&Y HAIR 37 New "Type A.

After leaving MGM, she preserved her independence, though she joined her long-time sweetheart, now Mayor Kiranov, when he came to Chicago. They had met in France during her travels, and she brings this sophistication to the city.
Not only does she grace all the Chicago hot-spots, but her home is equally elegant. Stunning with marble, music, and the most modern design, Miss Armistice is a gracious hostess. Few have such an impressive interior to complement her impressive wardrobe.

Miss Armistice at home

Although saved for private audiences, Miss Armistice is musically talented and looks fantastic while wearing Baiastice_Chantal ruffles & lacePB, Classic Pumps, and Black, A&A Princess Hair 3.

Although accomplished as a photographer, Miss Armistice also has musical talents. Relaxing to her means intimate friends gathered around her harp or her harpsichord, which she shares privately. However, as a benefactor of the arts in Chicago, she helps to set the cultural pace.

Miss Armistice as equestrian

The equestrian arts are gaining popularity in Chicago through Miss Armistice's fashionable leadership shown here in BTres Beau "Frolic"PB , Classic Pumps Black, and A&A Princess Hair 3.

Finally, no one is a better equestrian either! Most who know of Miss Armistice’s accomplishments might be intimidated until they meet her. Unassuming, quiet and gracious, her influence is louder than her voice.

Please note that Chicago’s Valentines Day Ball at the Hotel LaSalle, where Miss Armistice and her friends will be the most watched and admired, is on Sunday at 7:00. Not an event to miss—even for those without a date, it will be one of the season’s best and most enjoyable events!


Wila’s Wiles
January 30, 2011

A city is made great by the kinds of people it not only attracts but retains. The best citizens are those that engage with the community, support events, and stand out as entertaining. No one exemplifies these qualities more than Chicago’s own miss Wilamenia Zarco.

Those readers paying attention have already been entertained by Miss Zarco’s antics. And astute readers surely have noticed her fantastic fashion sense! As reporters follow her around for the pure pleasure of trying to capture what she will do or wear next, Miss Zarco is quite a friend to the media as well, for her contributions accent the scenes and help make stories worth reading.

wila fashion

Miss Zarco is unusually calm while posing for pictures—showing off some of her favorite designers. On the left, a flapper outfit by Sonnatta Morales. Miss Zarbo calls her "the queen of antique fashion. You could spend your entire pay check on her clothes! she is that fantastic!" (Please see the shop on Michigan Avenue). The bustier worn in the Boom Boom Lounge is from Star Child and the stylish flapper outfit from Pixel Dolls. Miss Zarco says of the latter that they have "great clothes for a great price. and is where I get most of my day clothes from."

As a popular resident in Chicago, even Miss Zaro’s house stands out with its bold red color complete with welcome matt and flowers. Though she is more on the go than enjoying her nice furniture and fun fireplace, she is always a gracious hostess.

wila house

In front of her fireplace that boasts one of her favorite people (see Mama Colosimo's photo above the mantle?) Miss Zarco is fashionable even when at home. this gorgeous ensemble is by Ivalde, says Miss Zarco: "of course!"

Stepping out may be Miss Zarco’s favorite moment of the day—when she is perfectly coiffed, expertly attired, and completely color-coordinated. Life to her must be a continuous adventure, for no one is more cheerfully creative.

wila outside

Posing in front of her door enroute to a party, Miss Zarco shows off a gown from Dona Flora. Miss Zarco says that the shop has "amazing clothes—especially evening wear."

Although a serious side rarely shown, Miss Zarco is a great and loyal friend. Men love her playfulness, women love her compassion. There is probably no citizen of the city that doesn’t know her or enjoy her company.

wila goes swimming

Bathing suits, offering a more revealing style than past Victorian suits, Miss Zarco always has the latest and most stylist attire for every occasion. This great suit is from Star Child, also on Michigan Avenue. Miss Zarco says they "make incredible bathing suits and special event outfits."

Such a happy-go-lucky attitude sometimes might cause Miss Zarco some difficulty. The eternal optimist may, at times, be disappointed—like when she wishes to swim in the middle of winter, finding the Chicago River is frozen over. Instead of going home to mope, she slides around on top of the ice, discovering a new thrill.

wila entertains herself

Miss Zarco never misses an opportunity to have fun, and will not let obstacles deter. From swimming in a frozen river to dancing alone in a club with the most gorgeous dress to collecting cannoli in her favorite restaurant, she never seems to have a dull moment The gown Miss Zarco wears at the Fiume Jazz Club (center), is from Phoenix Rising, not yet on Michigan Avenue.

Although past pages may have neglected to mention sufficiently, Miss Zarco has a very fond and unique relationship with food—though at times she may take this affection to extreme. Addicted to Mama’s cannoli, Miss Zarco sometimes mimics a squirrel, but instead of burying a treasure in the ground, she has an unlimited number of pockets. Nothing seems to make her happier than to offer snacks to everyone she meets, revealing endless turkey legs, cannoli, or flasks of blueberry juice.

Finally, with cigarette always in hand (how does she do it?), Miss Zarco has an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. The quintessential witness, the ever- willing-to help-friend, and the life of the party, any reader who does not yet know Miss Zarco has missed one of Chicago’s best social features!