As The Chicagoan blends the magic of Second Life with a historical setting, fiction mirrors reality. Given the environment of a rougher, though more innocent time, the role play allows motivations, intrigue, and the personality of the era to be explored in new ways.

Readers of The Chicagoan will be captivated by the creativity of the characters, the inventiveness of the settings, and the evolving pace of the stories. Here are a few qualities that observers will discover:


Pageant Spotlights Chicago
The city grew beyond its reputation for dark alleys, mysterious confrontations, and windy politics. All Second Life eyes were focused on the Roaring 20s Beauty Pageant as seven of the city’s loveliest residents took the stage.

Miss Gigi Gartenberg, owner of the popular Boom Boom Lounge was crowned as the first annual Miss Roaring 20s amongst glamorous fanfare.



Mayor Assassinated!!
On a peaceful evening just before the anxiously anticipated mayoral debates, Mayor Lance Renfort enjoyed his last cup of coffee at Colosimo’s Restaurant. Suddenly an unknown gunman burst into the popular establishment, aimed a weapon directly at the seated mayor and shot! A quick photographer captured the proof just prior to the crime.

Mayor Lance Renfort who recently announced his bid for re-election suddenly became uneligible.


coat fireDRAMA

Fashion Tragedy Grips Attention

The streets of Chicago are always full of surprises as Mister Anh Tachor discovered one evening while out for his usual stroll. Although the citizens are known for their curiosity, few get closer to the action than Mister Tachor.

Mister Anh Tachor panicked as his signature coat caught ablaze while he investigated an evening gas station fire. He survived, the coat didn’t.


fang smokeREVENGE

Powerful Police Love a Parade

For a city known for gangsters, guns, and glamour, the police enjoy a tradition of self-expression. Apprehending criminals was a spectator’s sport as audiences observed attractive men in striped outfits that often graced the streets.

Mister Smoke Fang, protesting that he doesn’t walk, generously offered the use of his limo, but was ignored, as he was paraded from jail to courthouse.



Candidates Encourage Voting Tradition

The ‘windy city’ earned its reputation more for the hot air so generously contributed by its politicians versus the cold arctic breeze that keeps the city clean. Chicagoans have developed the efficient tradtition of ‘voting early and often.’

Mayoral Candidates Doctor KJ Kiranov and Mister Dano Hammerthal demonstrate their solidarity as warring factions line up and take alegances.



Nobody Parties Better

As the ‘most American big city,’ Chicago offers unique and efficient reactions to the prohibition laws. Popular entertainment establishments, as visitors would expect from a major metropolis, inspire many creative ways to party. Music and dancing set new trends in Chicago’s popular hot spots.

Miss wilamenia Zarco finds and even defines much of the partying as an elegant example of good taste and good times.


blood smearINTRIGUE

Vice, Victims, and Visitors

Chicagoans are known for their helpfulness (and curiosity),especially when it comes to doing their civic duty. Anonymous tips often assist crime fighters and good samaratins often come to the rescue, when needed. These good citizens keep busy reporting mysterious clues, unknown faces, and situations that don’t look right.

BOI Chief Shepham Moorlord considers investigating blood smears on the bank of the Chicago River as reported from an anonymous tip.



Long-Time Traditions Begin

Every season is an opportunity to display the latest fashions. Dedicated to looking good, the capital of the central US sets the standard for personal participation in urban aesthetics. A most innovative era, the 1920s establishes the city’s unique culture and personality. The most liveable big city is also the most fun.

No one can put on a pageant of celebration better because no one can enjoy distractions more. The holidays and frozen river inspire ice skating.


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