Dreams Shared by Everyone
August 1, 2011

Perhaps the luckiest people are those who fulfill their dreams—especially the American Dream of rags to riches, incorporating financial, emotional, and physical excellence. With such a pot at the end of the rainbow, how many actually get there? In the most American City, Chicagoans are hard workers and known for discovering and creating opportunity. Follow the money. The wealthiest guy owns most of downtown and most residents rent from him. If anyone can fulfill dreams, it should be Mister Shepham Moorlord.

Having planned the three-day city Birthday celebration, wrapping up the third day also expressed Mister Moorlord’s dreams. First, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous wife like Misses Starla Shepham Moorlord? As host and hostess of the weekend’s activities, they fulfilled their own dreams by enjoying Chicago’s best in everything—music, fashion, art, friendship, and ambiance. To also be the best in food and theater furthers Chicago’s international acclaim. Sunday rounded out the city’s leadership in every ingredient of a perfect lifestyle. The last day of the celebration included:

Theater Premier

With the rise of theater in Chicago and internationally, the city boasts a movie palace on par with any place. Mister Moorlord, who of course owns the theater, took personal interest in every detail and has booked the best films to premier. bringing out the stars always guarantees a good time. With search lights and red carpets, the most culturally astute residents awaited the newest opening in their finery as large motor vehicles slid forward and deposited one celebrity after another. Mister Moorlord’s friends were unhand to assist spectators in optimum viewing positions.


Celebrities arrive in limosines at the red carpet: Miss marilyn Monroe, Mister Louis Armstrong, Miss Starla Huntress Moorlord, and Miss Paradise Quixote.

Cozy and plush, the eclectic crowd filled the lower floor and spilled into the upper balcony. One of chicago’s greatest charms is the social intermingling of many professions, ethnic groups, and economic classes. Audiences and patrons always bring a mix of viewpoints and tastes with shoulders rubbing not far from the politicians. But like any big city, the wealthy always have their entourage, and Mister Moorlord is no exception. Showing off his power, he commanded some of the most famous entertainers to jump on trains bound for Chicago. They have been welcomed as part of the continual stream of top acts that come through the city’s many clubs.

movie audience

Celebrities and citizens lean back in their plush seats to enjoy movie premier.

Culinary Convention

The culture in a city doesn’t run on dancing feet alone but on serving up the best cuisine. Even though Chicago is in the Midwest, the city is situated on one of the largest fresh bodies of water in the world. It is the country’s transportation hub uniting the Atlantic Ocean (via the St. Lawrence Seaway through the Great Lakes) to the Mississippi River. The bread basket of the country is also in the city’s back yard. So if anywhere in the world had great food, it better be Chicago! Boasting some of the best chefs internationally with ingredients to satisfy any preference, Colosimo’s Restaurant reigns premier. No surprise that Mister Moorlord owns the restaurant that is hostessed by his charming wife. Their hospitality and talent for throwing great events gave residents a great festival and renewed patriotism.

Colosimo's famous restaurant

Chef Mama Colosimo is world famous for her pasta, Mister Moorlord has his special corner as owner, and Misses Moorlord enjoys presiding as hostess.

What greater pleasure for after a matinee theater performance could be a great meal? Chef Mama Colosimo presides as one of the greatest Italian chefs in the world—including Italy where she visits often to exchange culinary concepts. Those wishing to enjoy fantastic pasta and to stay on the good side of Mister Moorlord are wise to make regular visits to Colosimo’s. He has his special table in the corner where he sits as if holding court. Accessible for such a wealthy guy, Mister Moorlord can always be found enjoying lasagna or chicken parmesan on a weekend night.

Patrons at restaurant

Patrons at Colosimo's Restaurant enjoy a fantastic meal: Miss Beth Bonham with Miss Amye1, Miss Reverie Boucher, Doctor Heavy Writer with Miss Eleanor Medier, and Mister Roch Warcliffe with Miss Una Woodrunner..

Futuristic Dreams

When Mister Moorlord was taking off his shoes at the end of Sunday night, he reflected on the weekend’s success. What could be better in life than to be 8 feet tall, wealthy enough to own most of one of the world’s greatest cities, be married to an entertainment star, and to command a celebration masterfully, providing enjoyment to the populace? So he went to sleep quite self-satisfied. Yet ambition is a very deep habit, so an aspiring man like Mister Moorlord is considered visionary because he always wants more—even in his dreams. So what could be even better?

dancers at dream concert

The dancers in Mister Moorlord's dream included many of his best friends: Miss Bea Shamrock, Miss Una Woodrunner, Mister Flo Wiefel-Benoir and Miss Caludie Benoir, and himself dancing with his wife as the fireworks explode in the background.

Off into sleep he went to have one of those vivid dream recreations that seem so real in every detail when recalled the next day. He dreamt that he booked an unknown group with a unique rock ‘n roll sound for the cool stage he constructed at the beach. He envisioned all his closest friends around him dancing to music—sounds that he discovered in his travels. Bringing these four creative musicians to Chicago would make him famous internationally—labeled as having sponsored music that would change the world. Because when a person already owns everything possible, the next step has to be getting into the history books. It takes more than money to do that; it takes achievement. And Mister Moorlord isn’t a scientist or an artist. He is a businessman and he prefers to keep his creative deal making out of the news. So how can he gain recognition better than putting a small percentage of his vast wealth into making art influential. More than anything, he wishes to be known as a visionary—to build a creative empire that provides a stage for others (albeit his own first) enjoyment. No one can say the richest guy in town doesn’t have his generous (strategic) side. Everyone is very grateful for the great weekend and for his sharing of this futuristic dream.

futuristic stage

The dream was about the launching of a new musical band called the Beatles.

The setting of Mister Moorlord’s dream was remarkably like the stage he built for the Miss Jive Dryke concert the night before. Just about anyone passionate about his or her work does, at one time or another, dream about about it. Because anything cared about or anything done a lot, or better yet both, seeps into the subconscious. What better place to mentally process activities than during the night when inhibitions give way to imagination? Some of Mister Moorlord’s best ideas have come from dreams!

concert audience

Audience in the dream also sits back to enjoy the concert. The subconscious likes music as much as the conscious.

In his dream, Mister Moorlord sits with his best friends in comfortable chairs, watching beautiful dancers (clad in just enough fabric to be legal), and listening to innovative new sounds coming from a band he patrons. For information on upcoming activities please see www.1920chicago.com.


The dream ends, as a worthy conclusion to the city's birthday party, with fireworks and dancing.