Cultivating Culture
July 29, 2011

The city’s Birthday Celebration gained momentum after Friday night’s opening ball at the Hotel LaSalle. City planners have shown particular sensitivity towards a range of citizens in the festivities offered—not just for the wealthy or the bold. Saturday demonstrated the city’s greatest sophistication in the arts beginning with a fashion show (of course), continuing with an art exhibit (much appreciated), and ending with a concert (Chicagoans must always dance at the end of the day). Festivities should not only appeal to the regular residents but also attract new ones to be included in this great melting pot. It is through the intermingling of different nationalities and viewpoints that makes this city great.

The ladies greatly enjoy the opportunity to extent their fashion community. So on a beautiful afternoon ((when is it ever not a beautiful afternoon??!!)), a handsome stage with an even more handsome audience were assembled in the park around the newly constructed Buckingham Fountain.

audience assembles

Comfortable deck chairs are provided by Mister Moorlord to make all guests comfortable in a temporary setup (left to right): Miss Michal Static, Miss Lynnette Woolsey, Miss Foxie Mccaw, Miss Marsali Emmons, Miss Bea Shamrock, and Mister Percival Antiesse with Miss Dreamer Pixelmaid..

When Mister Shepham Moorlord, the richest guy in town, underwrote the new landmark, his popularity increased. Suffering criticism from the ladies for his strip-tease burlesque sponsorship (this family-friendly publication cares to stay out of the controversy), his latest entrepreneurial venture is definitely popular with the men. So his gesture to build a fountain that can serve as the center of fashion and presentation is a worthy gift to placate any vocal opposition about his management choices.

stage at beginning

Audience assembles and awaits the start of the fashion show with unusually patient anticipation—extra time is needed for everyone to wave and blow kisses at friends.

Some of the best shops in the world now have outlets in Chicago. All residents still in town, choosing other weekends for vacation, were there to see the latest styles and to sport their own good taste. Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord, always happy to take center stage because someone has to, worked with her husband on the planning of this elegant event. So naturally she was the perfect MC to keep the show moving along and expressing new trends.


Authentic 20's style outfits are shown for every occasion: Misses Moorlord is the hostess, Miss Cieleste Magic and Mister Kenshin Xevion both are ready for the beach in Cilian'gel beachwear, Miss Athene Forder first looks cute in a bathing suit of her design that represents the sky and waves, then she models her Zelda dress made from a sequined fabric, both outfits available at Goddess Apparel.

Few men in Chicago have very refined fashion tastes, but those that do are wise to choose suits that complement their lady companions’ dresses. So the couple’s selections were particularly appreciated by the men in the audience, most of whom need all the help they can get. As more of the shops address the needs of the masculine population, all hope that the men will eventually increase the overall visual aesthetics of the city.

fashion show

Couples show the best of taste (Miss Magic in Got Pandora and Mister Xevion wearing Got Chances from Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique), the finale also features special gowns (Miss Forder in her Monique in Molten Gold and Miss Una Woodrunner looking ravishing in Miss Forder's design Lady Gatsby in Sky Blue, both available at Goddess Apparel). There were outfits shown for every possible occasion!

After the inspiring and festive show, attendees gathered to look at paintings done by local artists Mister Simulat Almendros, Miss Bachi Cheng, and the Chicagoan‘s own Miss Eleanor Medier who has been drawing since she was a child. Private clusters of aesthetic discussions nibbled away the afternoon. Chicago is a growing center for keeping talented painters around for a few years, giving them a strong foundation to take their careers elsewhere, unfortunately.


The exhibit features portraits by Mister Simulat Almendros (left) and paintings by Miss Bachi Cheng.

Sponsorship to the arts in Chicago is limited to a small elite group because most citizens are new and not ready to increase their domestic collections. Nonetheless, the most talented in the city were happy to be unhand for the Birthday Celebration and in full approval of the new fountain.

Medier art

Drawings by Miss Eleanor Medier were also included in the show.

There was just enough time for everyone to run home and change for the evening festivities. With a concert on the North Avenue Beach (unfortunately the best beach downtown was covered up by Navy Pier at the end of the century) with the famous Miss Jive Dryke. Photographers enjoyed that many of the dancers up to their hips in water were too scantily dresses for publication, so careful editing requires the dancing photo to be small. Fortunately, the audience offered additional visual treats and many just sat in chairs, laying back, enjoying the twinkling sky, and fantastic covers and originals by one of the country’s rising stars. For information on upcoming activities please see

celebration concert

Miss Jive Dryke's music pleases everyone, which is usually impossible. Dancers are shown discreetly small, and Misses Moorlord shows what is acceptable in beachwear, not one to hold back on showing off her physical attributes.