Jazz and Pizzazz
August 29, 2011

Perhaps Chicago is a place of extremes. A city that inspires the most notorious crime is also the city that celebrates with the most exuberance. A city that creates barons of industry is also the city that defines cultural relevance. Attracting such a melting pot of citizens from all over the world is destined to define American values. Chicagoans are not shy about expressing opinions and preferences. Citizens undoubtedly represent the honest opinions of most people, just voiced a bit louder.

When a new club opens, there have to be patrons from every social strata. This is what makes Chicago so colorful—the accessibility and fluidity of social groups. Anyone who’s reputation needs to be improved can do so simply by shopping on Michigan Avenue, presenting an attractive silhouette, and showing up at the right places. An opening is the best place to make a personal statement and to interact with the rich, famous, and infamous.

celebrating new jazz club

The new jazz club was just filling up with regular and new residents when Miss Olinger (who doesn't like to be called Officer when off-duty) and Miss Zarco made their entrance, dancing. Mister Seranno took his usual stance on the side of the room that would make others the most nervous. But Mister Moorlord (who no longer wants to be called Chief when off-duty) and Misses Huntress Moorlord seem to easily ignore his presence. Fortunately for the other less oblivious partiers, Miss Olinger joined Miss Medier at the side table and Miss Zarco took charge of Mister Seranno, captivating everyone in the place.

The arts always flourish on a rich soil fertilized by social variety. With the opening of Jazz Alley, an impressive display of patrons set aside all other obligations and were determined to be seen—representing every strata of society. From the wealthiest guy in town, Mister Shepham Moorlord with his starlet wife Misses Starla Huntress Moorlord, to socialite and mischief-maker Miss Wilamenia Zarco, to the most loyal of all attendees Miss Stormy Pixelmaid and Miss Bea Shamrock, these ever-popular partiers were joined by the not so popular and usually stiff Mister BigJim Seranno and not too vigilant but always gorgeous Officer Chandler Olinger. Those two, of course, ignored each other totally.

But Miss Zarco is never to be ignored. Center-stage or center-party are her only comfortable positions. Not wishing to share the limelight with anyone, she demonstrated a little drama when reacting to the new movie-star young and vulnerable Miss Hannah Heir. Put two attention-grabbing women together and there is bound to be trouble. Most of the patrons politely ignored the drama between the two women, though they were completely impressed when Miss Zarco convinced the suspected-nondancer Mister Seranno onto the floor! No one present has ever seen him dance before. No one present thought the guy even capable of moving his feet very often.

Wila captivates BigJim

Miss Zarco never walks into a room; she dances, making an always memorable entrance. Flaunting her exceptional fashion style as well as her social influence, Miss Zarco has evolved from the fun young girl who arrived from the east coast into a lady of significant connections. She is the perfect example of how to get ahead in a city like Chicago: look great, captivate through humor and charm, get adopted by the right families, and make the most influential friends. Miss Zarco knows how to take advantage of opportunity. At least all of her friends hope so. Because if she doesn't know, who does?

Smart citizens tend to avoid Mister Seranno because trouble follows him like a shadow that never catches up. He is suspected of everything but no evidence ever is conclusive to reveal active involvement. Generally he hovers in the back ground, chuckling, puffing on his cigar, and piercing anyone near with his steely blue eyes. Yet somehow, while twirling Miss Zarco around the floor, the spellbound observers might, just maybe, have caught a glimpse of a softer side. It has been reported that one particularly observant patron saw him crack a smile—just for an instant—but swears it was there!! But Miss Zarco has that effect on people. Why should such a crusty guy like Mister Seranno be immune from her charms? And the increasingly larger diamonds appearing on Miss Zarco’s fingers, wrists, and around her neck would indicate that her relationship with Mister Seranno is prospering.

Within the show of such famous characters enacting out their preferences publicly, the new owners Mister Jhonny Dawlish and Miss Alinore Somerset blushed with pleasure at the attendance. Chicago has the reputation of being both the most dangerous and the friendliest of all big cities (again such a place of extremes!), so this entrepreneurial pair has bet their life-savings on this location. Charming and hidden, the new club will be well-known once those who missed the opening hear about its fantastic support of local performers. Formalizing the new musical jazz form into a club legitimizes many an aspiring performer. Soon the club will be commanding the best and the brightest, increasing the variety of great venues thriving here.

fashions show off women attendess

The women of Chicago definitely make up for in fashion what the men lack. So fun to be recognized at this cultural event, showing off the best dresses for a speakeasy evening ignites competition anyway. Miss Shamrock is always perfectly attired for any event, Miss Pixelmaid always dresses for fun, Miss Brooke fits right into styles of her new home, Miss Heir expands her starlet reputation, Miss SageWoman Juneberry always looks comfortable and cool.

It pays to know how to make the right friends in Chicago. The crowd attending and watching we so spellbound by the spectacle of Mister Seranno dancing in the center of the dance floor (versus glowering in the corner making people nervous as usual) that no one was surprised when they won the $1,000L prize for Best Couple. How could anyone possibly vote otherwise—assuming there was a vote? Even Mister Seranno seemed quite pleased with himself when he chuckled in acceptance of the award: “see what a little arm candy will do” and later “amazing what a tall blond does for an old guy.” Miss Zarco responded by batting her eyelashes.

generous new hosts

Mister Dawlish seems to be friends with Mister Seranno, especially because while dancing with partner Miss Somerset, he seemed to have a good time despite being watched. Then, while awarding their new influential patrons, Mister Dawlish and Miss Somerset gained many new friends. They are sure to be successful with their new speakeasy jazz club through their great taste in music, fantastic host and hostessing skills, great charm, and generosity. Chicago is delighted to welcome such upstanding and considerate new entrepreneurs.

The Best Dressed Award went to Miss Shamrock. Though gold seemed to be the preferred color of the evening, or black for those ladies who wish not to be noticed, Miss Shamrock dazzled in her silver and white ensemble. Annoying to those less well-dressed and with smaller budgets, it always seems that Miss Shamrock is the best dressed at every event.

In all fairness and because there were no single males to collect the Best Dressed Man award (no surprise considering how men in Chicago tend to dress), two honorable mentions were created to honor newcomers Miss Diana Brooke and Miss Heir for $250L each. And through greater generosity, Miss Somerset declared that because of her love for fringe dresses, she honored this writer with acknowledgment of $100L. Such actions are sure to make Mister Dawlish and Miss Somerset very popular in Chicago. They have not only opened the hottest new club in town, they have ingratiated themselves with their neighbors in a very charming and approval-gathering way. And they are very nice people. Chicago always welcomes new residents that are so appealing.

Finally, Miss Pixelmaid, the consummate event-attender, summed up the opening of the new jazz club the best through a single word: “swanky.”